I Can Has Cheezburger?


funny stories about cats embarrassing humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a black cat with a rainbow on it and one Facebook comment 'I work from home and have at least a day or so a week for about 6 years now. I have a desktop I use that has a power button on the front edge. This wonderful son of mine, Sir Axton McNuggetron, knows how to turn off my computer. I disabled the button but you can't disable the option to hold it down. He still manages to hold it'

Little Kitty Cat Rascals Embarrassing Their Humans At The Worst Moments

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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stories about pets embarrassing their owners in front of other people | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Sandra Rosenberg Our 20lb tiger cat getting onto the arm of a chair, trying to grab an appetizer out of the hand of one our guests. Later in the evening, he put his paws through the back slats of a dining room chair to pat a woman who was frightened of cats. I can still hear her, "He's touching me." I moved him next to me, where he laid on his'

When Pets Embarrass Their Owners In Public: Funny With A Hint Of Second-Hand Cringe

Those little rascals smh
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cats disrupting their owners who are trying to use zoom or work from home | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a keyboard and an old man with the caption 'When I'm on a zoom meeting and I hear someone's cat meow' 'Show me the baby!'

Purrfect Cats Taking Over Their Humans' Zoom Calls

This fall, many people are headed back to school (and work) via Zoom. Working from home can definitely be a struggle, but there is one group that is loving it: the cats. Across the world, kitties are realizing that video conferencing is very cat-friendly , not to mention a priceless opportunity for cats to ‘help’ their humans to get their work done. Does your human need to finish an essay? Sounds like a great time to sit on their keyboard! Does your human need to join a zoom? Why not jump into …
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Being a Clumsy Teenager Can Be So Embarrassing, Just Ask This Moose

gif being a clumsy teenager can be so embarrassing just ask this moose
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Jeff put on his "casual" face hoping no one would notice he farted.

embarrassing FAIL fart Hall of Fame teeth whatbreed - 2086642432
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It May be Silly But it Will Save Your LIfe

summer embarrassing swimming funny - 8271497728
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They See Me Rollin'...

cars embarrassing funny - 8254281216
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He Couldn't Even Climb One Tree

date embarrassing orangutan apes - 8106482688
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We've All Been There...

embarrassing funny fart - 8100734976
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You Think THIS Is Embarrassing?

dancing sunglasses embarrassing what breed underwear - 6976200704
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Who is This Really Embarrassing?

fat pants embarrassing donkey laugh - 6653612032
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Every Darn Day

chihuahua monkey stuffed animal facebook embarrassing - 6595584768
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chihuahua tutu ballerina embarrassing internet - 6580344576
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It's Getting Out of Hand

car dirty embarrassing lab - 3304489728
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Animal Memes: Socially Awkward Penguin - My Own Personal PTSD

Awkward embarrassed embarrassing Memes memory penguins remember socially awkward penguin - 6254450432
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I Always End Up Looking Stupid

embarrassing flossing grin picture stupid wolf - 6171347200
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