I Can Has Cheezburger?


stories about pets embarrassing their owners in front of other people | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Sandra Rosenberg Our 20lb tiger cat getting onto the arm of a chair, trying to grab an appetizer out of the hand of one our guests. Later in the evening, he put his paws through the back slats of a dining room chair to pat a woman who was frightened of cats. I can still hear her, "He's touching me." I moved him next to me, where he laid on his'

When Pets Embarrass Their Owners In Public: Funny With A Hint Of Second-Hand Cringe

Those little rascals smh
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We can't all be champions

cat only embarrassed seconds caption - 8976964352
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Acting Like Animals: Mom! Not in Public!

acting like animals agreement baby embarrassed giraffes kissing mom nose shame - 4260709376
By Unknown

Are Haircuts Non-Refundable?

alpaca ashamed embarrassed fur haircut hairless - 4777181952
By Unknown

You're Embarrassing Both of Us

animals post embarrassed stop Cats - 8441193984
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Stoopy Hoomin

go away FAIL embarrassed Cats - 8359339520
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I...I'm Embarassed

gifs embarrassed playing - 8229338112
Via sam is great

Frank was ashamed of dad's behaviours, especially in front of his friends..

bone dad embarrassed golden retriever human toy - 3624918528
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I Vastly Underestimated the Bird

birds embarrassed Cats - 8214091520
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You're Embarrassing Me!

embarrassed KISS cute Cats - 8142807552
Via gifak-net.tumblr.com

I'll Just be Moving Along Now...

gifs embarrassed funny - 8138430976
Via Thund3rbolt

I'll Show THEM What Looks Sharp...

embarrassed hedgehogs tutu - 8076368128
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Happens All the Time...

Cats dating embarrassed - 8103104512
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He CANNOT See Me Like This!

Cats embarrassed trapped - 8094639104
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That's Exactly What I Meant to do

Gif of a corgi puppy not doing a good job of climbing to the shelf.
Via Cheezburger | Corgi GIFs

Her Feet Don't Turn Red but Her Cheeks Do...

grass embarrassed shame socks - 7957437184
By Unknown
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