I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Watch Elephants Gleefully Splash Around in a Pool Made Just for Them

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This Is What an Elephant Does When It Hears Classical Music

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Baby Elephants Getting Hosed

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9 Elephant Facts That Are Larger Than Life

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Drinking With Your Nose Is an Acquired Skill

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Watch This Baby Elephant and Mother's Heartwarming Reunite After Being Sold to Give Rides

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White Elephant Bath

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Baby Elephant Plays For The Birds

Very cute GIF of an elephant that is playing with the birds in front of him, shaking around his trunk.
By ToolBee

I'm Practicing The Xylophone, Fred. What About You?

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Guess We Should Be Able to Pick Up Our Trash Too

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This Elephant Loves Playing in a Sprinkler

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Elephant Jam

Funny GIF of an elephant playing music with a human and rocking out
By cataff

Baby Elephant Likes Hugs

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Watch These Cute and Clumsy Baby Elephants Get Used To Their Legs

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Elephant Train Crossing

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It's Time to Get Down and Dirty With These Elephants

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