I Can Has Cheezburger?


series of digitally altered cat images giant cats | thumbnail left giant cat running race with people, thumbnail right giant cat looking down at city surroundings with many people

Artist Photoshops Cats Into Giants And The Results Are Meowrific

It's no secret that cats are supreme leaders of the internet. Between their cuteness and hilarity factor, felines are the purrfect subjects for all types of meme-y humor. It looks like they won't just be conquering our hearts today, though! Artist Fransdita Muafidin uses photoshop to create giant cats capable of conquering the world in a matter of minutes. These awesome jumbo cats are both hilarious and awesome! We love the way this artist incorporates these giant cats into different scenes of …
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If you don't like my changes I can always edit your face

Funny cat meme in which kitty threatens to edit your face if you don't like his writing.
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