I Can Has Cheezburger?


funny stories about pet owners who thought they are dying | tweet by PaladinAmber couple days my cat had been showing signs dying, not drinking, not eating, sleeping and hiding. So vets today and vet straight up said He go looks like he got into fight and he's depressed he lost, his vitals are fine CANT WITH THIS CAT LMAOO

Funny Stories Tweeted By People Who Thought Their Pets Were Dying

People Who Thought Their Pets Were Dying
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Am I a gonna die?

scared dying chocolate chocolate lab - 6855879680
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I bet real jaguars don't have to worry about dying jungle. Lucky jaguars.

dead dying plant water - 6161657344
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best friend best of the week cancer dying Hall of Fame homeless mixedbreed shepherd Video - 21515521

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Up, up and away!

afraid cape caption captioned cat dying flying heights lessons magic phobia problem siamese thought - 4777093376
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costume dachshund dinosaur dying Hall of Fame humiliation - 3568689152
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cheezburger confession couch dying - 3173215744
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