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baby duck wholesome duckling duck adorable mom-cat cat mom kitten cute mama cat Cats unique-animal-family - 1620487

Abandoned Duckling Gets Rescued and Lovingly Taken in by a Cat Mama and Her Five Kittens

Okay, who's pitching this story to Pixar??
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baby duckling runst o keep up with jogger - thumbnail of cute baby duckling running

Determined Duckling Keeps Up With Jogger (Video)

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video of a dog protecting and befriending a newborn duckling thumbnail includes a picture of a dog sniffing a newborn duckling

Dog Protecting Its Newborn Duckling Friend (Video)

The gentlest snuggles.
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baby duck tries to stay awake during class - thumbnail of baby duckling falling asleep

Baby Duckling Can't Stay Awake During Accounting Class (Video)

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video of a flower hat being placed on baby duckling and then it falls asleep - thumbnail of flower hat on duckling

Baby Duckling Falls Asleep Under Flower Hat (Video)

The most wholesome video
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Sleepy duckling

aww duckling cute sleeping - 9402500608
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Good Morning, Duck!

duckling duck quack caption - 8968244224
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Slow Down, Mom

Babies baby bird duck duckling follow mom pool - 6132615680


gifs duckling duck birds run chase - 7003278848

Duckling Slumber Party!

baby bird duckling gifs grooming - 6394224896
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Duck on a Cool Stone Cute

baby duck duckling Hall of Fame parody play story - 4991873280

What a Fowl Trick!

animals duckling duck pun - 8389919488
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cute duckling kitten sleeping - 60605953

Duck Down Your Little Head and Fall Asleep

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Duckling Still Working on the Duck Walk Thing

duckling learning cute walk - 7593036544
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Learning to Swim

duckling swimming - 7649402112
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It's a Fine Vintage

duckling wine quack funny vintage - 7602567168
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