I Can Has Cheezburger?


You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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Don't Worry...My Eyes are Supposed to Do This!

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Birds of a Feather

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*Hic* Believe Me, Officer *Hic*

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One Drunk Monkey

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I Swear to Drunk I'm Not God

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Someone's Had a Little Too Much Wine

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This Monkey is Tired of Your Inability to Take Things Seriously

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You Can Take the Snake Out of Ireland, but You Can't Take the Ireland Out of the Snake

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5 Cats That Are Way More Excited for St. Patrick's Day Than You

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Drunken Human Impression: Nailed It!

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Sotally Tober

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We've Seen You at Parties. You Know You're Exactly Like This.

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Maybe I Should Lay Off the Booze...

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Your Wallet's Gone, By the Way

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