I Can Has Cheezburger?



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Gimme Three Fingers of Milk While I Wait...Two Percent

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For Keeping Bowl Water Bowl Fresh

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A Manatee Stops to Take a Sip of Fresh Hose Water on a Hot Day

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A Major Oversight

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A Lot of Things Get Crossed When You've Been Drinking

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Cute Alert! Get This Puppy a Bib!

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Just a Little Sip

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This Week's Featured User: MallardVHS!

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I So Thirsty!!

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Pour Me a Glass

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She Didn't Ask for a Judgmental Cat

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Come Back Here!

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Aren't We All Wanting That Bone at the Bottom of the Glass?

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Oh, I'm Sorry...Did You Want a Sip?

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Umm...Cat, What Are You Doing Here...

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