I Can Has Cheezburger?

Drama Queen

Press HEERZ fur drama

just press here for drama bullshit to come out | funny pic of an orange cat laughing evilly behind another cat screaming
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tumblr thread about cat owners sharing stories of their cats screaming at them overdramatically either for silly things or because they're angels who want to protect their humans thumbnail includes one screenshot of text 'Text - lord-kitschener Obviously I want you to take care of your pets and make sure they get food and fresh water on a regular basis, but cats being huge drama queens and screaming hysterically at you and acting like they're tragic famine victims who haven't eaten in weeks and'

Tumblr Users Share Funny Stories Of Cats Being Loud Dramatic Angels

they either want food or they're being angels - no in between
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Bathroom Routine

pets Drama Queen bathroom Cats - 9323460352
Via Cats On Catnip

There's One in Every Family

swallowed kitten Drama Queen caption cardboard - 8974201600
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*Pout* *Pout*

pout Drama Queen funny corner - 7702269696
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Drama Queen dramatic gross litter litter box poop smell - 6318217984
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Yah, yah,

caption captioned cat disapprove Drama Queen drowning halp help making over scene screaming see splashing there - 4656700672
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caption captioned cat Cats drama Drama Queen dramatic playing dead queen - 4123956992
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Until tomorrow.

accident Drama Queen hurt nose play whine - 6332712192
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