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Tumblr Thread: Albatrosses And Their Muppet-Looking Baby

Some birds out there are so beautiful it's hard to believe sometimes. They just... look magical. They have magical personalities and interesting stories. You would never expect so much personality from a bird, though maybe their beauty should be an indicator of their depth. Other times though... birds are so derpy it hurts. And the baby of these two perfect-looking albatrosses is as derpy as it gets. 

Tumblr, of course, saw this picture and took its hilarity to a whole other level with its ridiculous commentary and art. Now, we of course think that albatrosses are amazing, but we can only be grateful for the pure 'ugly albatross-ling' entertainment they provided. 

tumblr thread about perfect-looking albatross and their funny baby thumbnail includes a pictures of 2 albatrosses and a baby albatross 'Bird - wittyandcharming Follow THESE PARENT BIRDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE BIRDY DRAG QUEENS WITH FLAWLESS EYELINER AND THE BABY LOOKS LIKE AN UNFINISHED MUPPET AND I'M DEAD.'
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