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Open the door, and a new world will dazzle your eyes. Or just show you your closet it's all in your mind's eye.

video of a cat opening different kinds of doors | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat reaching toward a door handle

Intelligent Cat Learns To Open Doors On Its Own And Causes Absolute Mayhem (Video)

They're evolving.
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tumblr thread about cats' reactions to closed doors | thumbnail includes two tumblr posts 'Human body - e8luhs Follow cats will see a closed door and they will be like HELLO for the love of god HELLO and then you open it and then theyre like oh okay. bye.' and 'Organism - petermorwood Follow And then, 10 seconds later: "skrit-skrit-skrit-skrit MEOW skrit-skrit MEAAAOW..." because to a cat Being On The Right Side Of A Door is some unattainable Zen ideal.'

Tumblr Thread: Cats And Their Inexplicable Yet Funny Hatred Of Closed Doors

We're not even sure our cats know what they want at this point.
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A TikTok video and 17 comments about an orange cat that won't use the door her hooman made for him | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of an orange cat on the top of the stairs, trying to get over a baby gate 'Has door built for him, doesn't use it.'

Gizmo The Cat Had A Door Built Just For Him, Chose Not To Use It Because He's Orange

He also enjoys hanging off railings and arguing with walls!
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A TikTok video of a cat bullying her hooman because its raining outside | Thumbnail includes a cat looking through a door and a man standing beside her 'Video evidence of my cat Angie bullying me & Tommy because she couldn't go outside as it was raining!!'

Visual Representation Of Angela The Cat Bullying Her Hooman Because It's Raining Outside

Dad, turn off the rain!
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reddit comments about cats and their weird reactions to closed doors thumbnail includes one picture of a cat staring at a closed door 'Cat - 79 45 93 3 49 Posted by u/NuevoJerz 3 days ago Every morning, our cat patiently waits at my sons' bedroom door for them to wake up. And it's not to be fed - he just can't wait to see them. SEAN AVE JAKE BLVD'

Cats And Their Weird Reactions To Closed Doors

Why do they hate closed doors so much?
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original animation of a cat who hates using the cat door | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat yelling by a door

When Delinquent Cats Refuse To Use Their Cat Doors (Original Animation)

Sometimes, they're just annoying on purpose.
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tumblr thread about a dumb dog who licks doors whenever he wants to go outside thumbnail includes a picture of a dog licking a closet door and the text 'Now whenever he needs out, he will go to any random door and start licking it. And I mean any door - the bathroom door, my bedroom door, my closet, the goddamn door of a kitchen cabinet, even'

Tumblr Thread: Dog Licks Doors Whenever He Wants To Go Out

the bedroom door, the bathroom door, the cabinet door, the shower door, and the closet door..........
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photo of an entrance door hanging upside down in the doorway with the windows on the lower side: to everyone who said i hung my door upside down. i did it so my cats can see outside, i'm not an idiot lol
Via Cats On Catnip

Think outside the box

door cute funny - 9333957376
door technology Cats pet products - 7333381

Let Us Introduce You With The Most Advanced Cat Door Ever

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dogs try to fit through a cat door

18 Dogs Who Tried To Fit Through A Cat Door And Failed

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door car bear cubs mom Video - 93087745

Mama Bear Opens Car Doors And Takes Her Four Cubs For a Ride In The Minivan

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door funny video bathroom closed cat videos Cats Video animal video - 93060609

When Your Cat Tries To Figure Out Why is the Bathroom Door Closed?!

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door food day Cats Video - 91068417

Every Day. Every. Darn. Day.

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pets waiting for their owners to return home

15 Pets Anxiously Waiting For You To Come Back Home

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door news escape Video - 395783

Sneaky Dog's Animal Hospital Escape Caught on Security Cam

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