Legendary Cat Brings Owner Stolen Baked Doughnut (Tweets)

Cats are the cutest little thieves! And usually, the things they bring us as "gift" are mementos (of their hunt) and we humans aren't so pleased to receive. 

This cat owner, @aliceyarr, has probably received one of the only cat "gifts" that's actually pretty darn awesome -- a doughnut. 

Yes, it was a stolen doughnut but imagine this, you're at home -- a doughnut-less home -- and all of a sudden your cat wanders in with a doughnut! It sounds like a dream, to be honest. After sharing the story on Twitter, a few users had to share their thieving cat experiences. 

cat funny donuts tweets cats twitter lol doughnuts stolen | alice @AliceYarr Some cats bring back dead animals as gift their owners. Jim brings back stolen baked goods were made each other. 3:02 PM Apr 11, 2020 Twitter iPhone 19 Retweets 972 Likes black and white cat looking at the viewer and a crumbling donut
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