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Disney's Favorite Dog, Nala, Meets Her Hero Donald Duck

Meet Helper Dog Nala, she helps her handler Megan with a variety of different things! Megan wrote in an Instagram post that she suffers from "autism, PTSD, severe medication resistant depression, and many other conditions." She continues, "I also tend to get very overloaded and overwhelmed very easily. Nala works is trained to do crowd control, blocking, respond to panic episodes, do DPT, and finding people, to mention a few."

Nala is one of the goodest girls there is! Not only is she a wonderful service dog, she has a super cuddly personality and a big fan of Donald Duck! 

Megan writes in another Instagram post, "Nala spends a lot of her time helping me at Disney. It truly is my happy place! When we're at Disney, I ALWAYS let Nala interact with the characters. She LOVES people but does not let that get in the way of her job. That being said, I also don't want to deprive her from something she enjoys so much."

It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Nala, no Disney cast member could resist her charm either!

Here are some pics of Nala with various Disney cast members and her viral moment with her hero -- Donald Duck! 

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