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13 reddit text images choosing generic looking dogs to adopt | thumbnail blue background text "My current foster is one of the shelters longest residents. Most of the "long-timers" are there for a reason. Dog reactive, can't live with kids, etc. But my foster is a near ideal dog for most households - crate trained, house trained, dog friendly, kid friendly, knows basic obedience, on the lower end of medium energy, no resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc."

Rescue Tip: Don't Overlook Generic Looking Dogs When Adopting, Reddit Discussion

Dogs are so much more than just pretty faces
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13 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "does your dog wear a collar in the house"Yes. She can go naked as soon as she can tell me what her address is, and what our cell phone numbers are."

Should Doggos Wear Collars In The House: Reddit Users Weigh In

A discussion
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16 gifs and and reddit text images | thumbnail dog in field of yellow flowers with reddit text foreground

Kids Should Ask Owners For Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Users Discussion

Geez louise
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36 dog snapchats | thumbnail left dog with deflated looking face

36 Rufferific Doggo Snaps To Give Your Serotonin Levels A Healthy Boost

Canine Humor Times 36
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20 dog memes | thumbnail left "Fetching the ball when it's thrown Giving the ball back" meme, thumbnail right tweet "ANNIE DidNKS @AnniePNJ NewsJournale Little Bear is cute but she's an absolutely useless coworker. 13/10 @dog_rates"

20 Mood Lifting Dog Memes For A Better Day

For a much better day
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13 reddit text images surrounding discussion of leaving dog at home during work day | thumbnail blue background top left dog with bone graphic text " I am one of those "sitters" for people, and I'm honestly not needed for most of them. Dogs are completely okay with being home alone for long hours, the important thing is that they are exercised properly after, and that it's not a brand new puppy or anything; the dog"

Is It Acceptable To Leave Your Dog Home Alone During The Workday: Reddit Users Weigh In

Let's discuss shall we
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12 dog tweets | thumbnail background puppy sitting on beach with tweet text in foreground

12 Doggo Tweets By Viral Twitter Star WeRateDogs

Viral Doggo Rating Tweets
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5 dog videos from instagram | thumbnail left dog seated "don't spoil your dog it'll give him separation anxiety...I'm the one with separation anxiety"

Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Doggo goodness in video form
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20 dog memes and gifs | thumbnail left "Dog -  perfect welcome mat doesn't exi JUST SO KNOW, THERE S LIKE LOT DOGS HERE" thumbnail right dog tweet"TODAY MY MOM WENT ON A BOAT WITH THIS DOG AND I THOUGHT EVERYONE DESERVED TO SEE THIS"

20 Splendidly Funny Dog Memes For Doggo Lovers Everywhere

Ruff ruff
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12 reddit text images surrounding discussion neighbor requests to be notified of dog walks | thumbnail blue background text "Today, they came down, pulled into our driveway, and asked us if we would notify them when we are going to walk our dog up the road so they could get their dogs inside, so they don't go crazy seeing my dog."

Dog Owner Left Disgruntled After Neighbor Requests To Be Notified Of Every Dog Walk Outing

A bit presumptuous
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11 reddit text images, pet stories 'my roommate' | thumbnail blue background text "rabengeieradlerstein · 12 days ago My roommate is very afraid of ferns, but also fascinated by them. She sits in front of a fern, sometimes for hours, and recoils at the slightest movement it may make"

Pet Stories Humorously Altered By Referring To The Pet As 'My Roommate'

Humor for days
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11 tweets dalmatian images | thumbnail image of dalmatian standing on boat at sea tweet "Juls @Outrobabyy EVERYONE LOOK AT HOW HANDSOME THIS DOG IS. 5:33 PM · Jan 20, 2022 · Twitter Web App 26.4K Retweets 1,981 Quote Tweets 273.7K Likes"

Twitter Users Show Off Their Handsome Dalmatians In Delightful Thread

Delightful dalmatians
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video of dog reacting to stolen bed | thumbnail image of human lying in dog bed with dog peering at her from side

Dog Confusedly Reacts When Human Steals His Bed As A Joke (Video)

The ole bait and switch eh
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30 dog snaps | thumbnail left dog snap yearly calendar, right thumbnail dog sleeping face smooshed

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Doggo snap goodness
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12 images of discussion | thumbnail blue background with two text based images in foreground

Building Trust With Anxious Doggos: Ins Outs Tips And Support

Adopting a doggo is one of the most wonderful experiences one can enjoy in their lifetime! Imagine you've just had a baby, but instead of a human, it's a dog. Boom. Responsibility. Boom. Parenthood. Boom. All the love and affection you could every ask for in the shape of a floofy four legged companion. Though, it's no easy task raising a dog. It can be emotional, and stressful, but also extremely rewarding . Reddit user u/PrincessofPatriarchy knows a thing or two about the experience. Building …
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12 thoughts of dog tweets | thumbnail blue background, twitter tweet "Thoughts of Dog® O @dog_feelings ... THE HUMAN JUST GRABBED THEIR KEYS. AND MY LEASH. THEY ARE PUTTING ON. THEIR OUTSIDE FEET. I DO BELIEVE. IT IS ADVENTURE TIME 7:47 PM · Jan 23, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 14.1K Retweets 1,037 Quote Tweets 227.3K Likes"

12 Fetchin' Hot New Tweets By Doggo Twitter Sensation 'Thoughts of Dog'

Thoughts of dog
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