I Can Has Cheezburger?


video about couple, insurance company cancelled them bc of pitbull | thumbnail image of pitbull brown

Ridiculous Insurance Company Cancelled Couple’s Policy Because Of Their Pitbull (Video)

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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text " Isn't that the best? My now-senior rescue mutt came to me from death row at a county pound, where she'd been attacked by another dog and had been languishing for weeks. She was at least a year old when I got her, and skittish AF. About six months into our time together (10 years ago :)), she rolled over to show me her belly to get scritches, and started playing with toys. It's like a switch flipped and she suddenly remembered how to dog."

Magical Moments Of Rescue Doggos Building Trust With Their Humans

Magical moments
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10 animal images | thumbnail image of bear and dogs "who's gonna tell him he's not a dog?"

Adorable Bear Thinks He’s A Dog, Reddit Hilarity Ensues

Hey! You not a dog, but you still cute
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15 reddit text comments | thumbnail blue background text " Tiny dogs in littler sweaters are fine as long as they are weather appropriate and pet safe! My little chi got cold often and was not used to the cold weather climate of the new place we moved. She would regularly need at least a little sweater when it was chilly. People act like I'm doing for giggles. I wanted her warm and cute"

Dog-Owning Redditors Share Their Most Lightheartedly Controversial Dog Opinions

Lotta opinions out here
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15 dog memes | thumbnail left "Jada @jadasyl Me when my friends are thriving and doing well vs me when life is giving my friends a hard time" thumbnail right "Text in Image that feeling of vunerability when you're on the same train carriage as a group of rowdy youthsTM NEW YORKERS KEEP NEW YORK SAFE ou SOETNG SAT SOMETes Aleanon door oh no"

16 Mood Lifting Dog Memes For A Better Day

Doggo humor goodness
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I went back to watch the footage and there were two huge men in front of my house. As soon as they heard my puppy's bark, they ran like the wind and got into their car. The moment the beagle no longer smelled them at the door, he went to the bed and fell back asleep. With him relaxed, the basset hounds laid down in the living room and dozed off. The puppy was pretty riled up and was pacing the house, but with his older siblings sleeping,"

Heroic Puppy Saves The Day As He Scares Off Intruders With His Tremendous Bark

Runs in the fam
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13 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Well, his mom showed up eventually and the minute he saw her he madly started pointing at the dog, saying- the lady won't let me pet it, the lady won't let me pet it! She waved him off and said, go ahead."

Karen Fumes When Woman Refuses Kid's Advances To Pet Her Dog, Causes Scene In Supermarket

There goes Karen, causing a scene
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5 dog videos | thumbnail left and right large brown dog with lady bug on nose "I didn't choose the bug life, the bug life chose me!"

Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Good bois and gals caught on camera
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10 reddit text images, aita dog vet bills | thumbnail blue background text " When we got back up to where the food was left, the neighbors dog was on the table, eating the food, and had ripped the covers off."

Presumptuous Neighbors Expect Woman To Cover Vet Bills After Their Dog Eats Her Leftover Chocolate

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14 tweets of black dogs | thumbnail left large chonky black dog sitting on couch, thumbnail right small cute black puppy "do you think black dogs are cute?"

Twitter Users Show Off Their Black Doggos In Delightful Black Doggo Appreciation Thread

Dark black coats of pure fluff, these are some gorgeous canines
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10 reddit text images, do pets actually like fetch | thumbnail left and right dogs fetching "Deep question. Are they giving us the ball because they enjoy it or are they giving it to us because they think it makes us happy?"

Redditors Debate Whether Pets Actually Like To Fetch, Hilarity Ensues

This week on Reddit
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13 dog tweets | thumbnail image of dog with plate of pancakes, tweet "@ShaktiSounds My dog is currently experiencing his first Pancake Day"

Bestest Most Rufferific Doggo Tweets Of The Week (March 5, 2022)

Ruff twice if you want dog tweets! Ruff ruff
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20 dog snaps | thumbnail left dog tinder picture snap, thumbanil right dog with gardening tools and hat "1st rule of gardening: dig everything."

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Good vibes only y'all
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video of baby elephant and dog being playful and territorial | thumbnail image of baby elephant following dog

Cute Baby Elephant Protects Her Territory From Incoming Dog (Video)

Adorably territorial
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10 tweets people using their pets' products | thumbnail blue background "Dude With A Dog Named Fred @rob31857 I accidentally used my dogs shampoo this morning and now I feel like Such a Good Boy! 2:25 PM · Mar 1, 2022 · Twitter Web App 2,156 Retweets 243 Quote Tweets 39.5K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Silly Humans Accidentally Use Their Pets' Products

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25 dog memes | thumbnail left imessage exchange dog baxter in sink, thumbnail right "Me: omg sorry just saw your text, it's been a crazy day Also me" dog relaxing meme

25 Mood Lifting Dog Memes For A Better Day

Good bois and gals
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