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collection of photos of dogs who work as service animals, police dogs, or any other profession | thumbnail includes tweet saying ' So in my roommates lab, one of her classmates has a service dog and apparently service dogs also have to wear lab gear &... Y'all.. just look how cute this is' and two photos of dogs, one in a labcoat and goggles, another pulling a sled

Puppers Workin' Heckin' Hard: Photo Album Of Dogs At Work

Consider this post your daily reminder that dogs are perfect and we really don't deserve them. Especially service dogs, who work tirelessly to ensure that the humans they protect stay safe. We've talked about service dogs before, from a cute service dog duo , to some silly service dog memes , to an important rant about why service dogs are so important . Suffice to say that we love service dogs, and we want everyone to learn more about the importance of them and the work they do. What we have b…
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list of the 10 largest dog breeds, twitter thread | thumbnail includes two photos of large dogs, and the text 'Top 10 largest dog breeds in the world 2020.  A Thread.  Make sure you share'

Informative Twitter Thread: The 10 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

Here at ICanHasCheezburger we looooove doggos. Big dogs, small dogs, short dogs, tall dogs, we are doggy-positive no matter what. But we must admit that we have a special soft spot for enormous chonky dogs that act like gentle giants . Many large dogs seem to have a complete lack of awareness for how big they truly are, which gets extra funny when big dogs try to act like small dogs and sit on people's laps. It's also adorable watching tiny children playing with enormous dogs , nothing could be…
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14 text based images discussion of dogs stealing food | thumbnail text "I was once reheating a steak l'd taken home from a restaurant. Full NY strip. I'd only taken a couple bites. I took it out of the pan (heating on stovetop), set it on plate, went to the sink to wash my hands, with my back to the steak across the kitchen. I turned around less than 15 seconds later and it was gone. Next to the counter was a very happy looking Puggle, licking her lips. She was only about a foot high, "

Instances Of Sneaky Doggos Stealing Human Food And Ruining Human Dinner Plans

If you're a dog owner you know the first rule of doggo owning is NEVER LEAVE YOUR FOOD UNATTENDED. However, we are just humans after all, and sometimes things slip our mind…and then food “slips” into our doggos mouths'. Despite our conscious efforts to be alert and attentive, we ain't perfect ad our imperfections result in some super delicious meals for our mischievous pups. Folks took to reddit to tell their silliest dinner thief stories, and some of them really had us going. Doggos are so won…
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5 dog videos from instagram | thumbnail left calf kissing grey pitbull dog, thumbnail right goofy smile dog black and white

Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Hi friends. Another Tuesday has arrived and we are chilling with it. Nothing too exciting happening here. You know, another day another dolla. But we want more than just a dollar today, today we want doggos. Big doggos, small doggos, energetic friendly doggos, shy and quiet doggos, we love 'em all. Every week , we love taking a glance backwards as we recount the funniest, cutest, and most rufferific doggo videos of the week! Doggos make us so gosh darn happy we can hardly contain ourselves. Eve…
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video of dog sitting in various spots | thumbnail left and right if i fits I sits bean bag with french bulldog two images

If I Fits I Sits: French Bulldog Finding The Best Fits (Video)

Let's meet Youtube famous French Bulldog Duo: Griffin and Haru! "We are two French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru, we love to eat healthy food and show off our cute personalities. Haru loves to sing and do a trust fall. Griffin is the instigator when it comes to tantrums and is a very clever boy." Via YouTube. Haru, the French Bulldog, finds the best I Fits I Sits spots for fitting and sitting. If she fits she sits, eventually she takes a nap. Haru loves squeezing into the smallest of boxes and funn…
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story about men rescuing a dog who turns out to be a wolf | thumbnail includes a picture of a wolf in a blanket

Workers Save Shivering 'Dog' Only To Be Surprised It Was No Dog At All

An amazing rescue with a twist.
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article contains photos of pets wearing matching outfits with their owners/humans | thumbnail includes tweet saying 'What part of quarantine are you guys at? I just made a matching outfit for me and my neighbors dog' and two photos of a girl cuddling a dog wearing matching skirts

Paws And Take A Look At Pets Twinning With Their Humans

As the weather gets colder, and the coffee gets more pumpkin spiced, the season of sweaters and fall fashion approaches. No, it's not quite the season for matching holiday pajamas yet, we still have all of awwdorable autumn to finish getting through, not to even mention Halloween. Even so, it's dress up season, and not wanting to leave their precious cats and puppets out of anything, many pet owners are also dressing their fur babies up in adorable outfits so that they can be look-a-likes . Wha…
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20 images of dogs with boopable noses being nosey | thumbnail left two pitbulls with noses out from under wooden fence, thumbnail right four windows all with dogs looking out with noses visible

Nosy Doggos Sticking Their Boopable Noses Into Everyone's Business

You ever feel like, somebody's watching you? And you got no privacy? More often than not, you'll find that that somebody was a somedoggy. Doggos have this awwdorably annoying habit of sticking their super boopable noses right up into everyone's business! Sometimes, it's cute. You look at your doggo and think “aw, how cute, he wants to be involved in the conversation!” And then he gets a little too involved in the conversation. Ruff ruff. Anyhow, you may have noticed that we have an affinity for…
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12 videos and images of norbert tiny therapy dog white fur | thumbnail left norbert looking festive in blanket, thumbnail right norbert tiny white dog and small girl doing high five

Tiny Therapy Doggo Norbert Volunteers In His Free Time: Instagram Spotlight

Norbert is a 10-year-old therapy dog who lives in Los Angeles. He's perhaps best known for his ability to put smiles on the faces of everyone he meets and everyone who follows along with his adventures on social media . According to his website : "In 2009, when I was 4 months old, my Mom Julie Steines (formerly Julie Freyermuth) adopted me through PetFinder.com. I was not in a shelter or rescue but I needed a special kind of home due to my tiny size." "One day, when I was still a puppy, my Mom …
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14 dog snapchats | thumbnail left dog with no teeth smiling "no teeth all smile" thumbnail right puppy and mama dog in bath together "first bath with mom"

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Mornin! The moment we have been waiting for all week has finally arrived. It's time to indulge in our favorite source of hilarious and wholesome animal content, this weeks doggo snaps of pawsitivity and good vibes . Take advantage of this downtime! Don't forget, today is the day to sleep in, take an hour long deep cleansing shower, cuddle all day with your doggo, and curl up with a good book. With a little sugar, spice, and everything nice, we compile for you the silliest most tail wagging, bon…
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11 gif and images of dog at the beach | thumbnail left dog at beach in ocean with orange tennis ball in mouth, thumbnail right dog sitting on sand with small orange tennis ball

Happy Doggo Enjoys A Beach Day Featuring An Exciting Orange Tennis Ball

Hey friends, we don't know about you but life's been pretty stressful lately! We are always down for some rest and relaxation, especially when the beach is involved! Did you know that taking a long walk on the beach is healthy for the mind, body, and soul?? And when you throw in a doggo, well, you can do the math. There's nothing quite like splashing around the ocean waves with your faithful four legged buddy. The ocean's waves have an incredible way of calming all your troubles away and leavin…
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list of animals dressed up/posing for back to school season | thumbnail includes a photo of a cat in a backpack and a tweet of a dog that says 'Sad dog noises. Mini hooman is back to school today.'

Animals That Want To Wish Everyone A Happy Back To School

It's that time of year again! Animals are enjoying autumn , sweaters are being pulled out of storage, and students all around the world are finally headed back to school. That's right, school is back in session, and we have the silly animal photos to prove it! A whole lot of people are dreading this season, because they don't want to go back to school , but here at ICanHas Cheezburger, we know a whole lot of animals who are positively thrilled for the beginning of back to school season. From do…
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twitter thread about a dog making an archeological discovery | thumbnail includes a black and white picture of a dog and a man and one tweet 'Dog - Marina Amaral ... @marinamaral2 On September 12, 1940, a French teenager took his dog for a walk - a simple everyday event, but it was to lead to one of the most stunning archaeological discoveries of all time. Robot, the dog, ran into a hole created by a fallen tree. Ravidat threw some stones into the hole. 4:07 PM - Sep 12, 2021 - Twitter Web App '

Twitter Thread: Dog Makes Incredible Archeological Discovery

The goodest boy.
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tweets of dogs giving people the stink eye | thumbnail includes two pictures of dogs looking off to the side and one tweet 'Dog - aloe @skincarvr PLS SEND ME PICS OF DOGS DOING THE SIDE EYE STARE PLS THEYRE SO FUNNY 6:36 AM - Sep 10, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 15.9K Retweets 2,624 Quote Tweets 148.2K Likes'

Shady Doggos Giving Their Humans The Judgmental Side-Eye (Viral Tweets)

Good boys. Only good boys.
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collection of funny cat and dog tweets | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Wesley O @WesleyLowery got one of those cameras that alerts me if the puppy is barking while i'm out. my genius puppy has figured out that if he barks i'll talk to him through the camera. so now he barks until i talk and then runs to the front door assuming he's summonsed me back home 12:33 PM · Sep 9, 2021 12.1K 219 O Copy link to Tweet'

An Extra Dose Of Pawmusing Cat And Dog Tweets For The Soul

Only cats and dogs.
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video of french bulldog cleaning up toys | thumbnail left french bulldog in front of toy basket, thumbnail right dog putting toy inside toy basket

Clever Dog Cleans Entire Room In Two Minutes (Video)

“Today Griffin the French Bulldog shows off his dog tricks and shows us how he can tidy up his toys. Watch our clever dog clean up all his toys and put them in his toy box in just 2 minutes! Isn't this the cutest dog trick?” (Via Youtube). Griffin the French Bulldog sure is cute, but not just cute! No, no! He is also super duper smart. Griffin acts very systematically, swiftly retrieving one toy at a time and then returning it to the toy basket! We are super impressed by his calmness and collec…
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