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twitter thread about a dog making an archeological discovery | thumbnail includes a black and white picture of a dog and a man and one tweet 'Dog - Marina Amaral ... @marinamaral2 On September 12, 1940, a French teenager took his dog for a walk - a simple everyday event, but it was to lead to one of the most stunning archaeological discoveries of all time. Robot, the dog, ran into a hole created by a fallen tree. Ravidat threw some stones into the hole. 4:07 PM - Sep 12, 2021 - Twitter Web App '

Twitter Thread: Dog Makes Incredible Archeological Discovery

The goodest boy.
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tweets of dogs giving people the stink eye | thumbnail includes two pictures of dogs looking off to the side and one tweet 'Dog - aloe @skincarvr PLS SEND ME PICS OF DOGS DOING THE SIDE EYE STARE PLS THEYRE SO FUNNY 6:36 AM - Sep 10, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 15.9K Retweets 2,624 Quote Tweets 148.2K Likes'

Shady Doggos Giving Their Humans The Judgmental Side-Eye (Viral Tweets)

Good boys. Only good boys.
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collection of funny cat and dog tweets | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Wesley O @WesleyLowery got one of those cameras that alerts me if the puppy is barking while i'm out. my genius puppy has figured out that if he barks i'll talk to him through the camera. so now he barks until i talk and then runs to the front door assuming he's summonsed me back home 12:33 PM · Sep 9, 2021 12.1K 219 O Copy link to Tweet'

An Extra Dose Of Pawmusing Cat And Dog Tweets For The Soul

Only cats and dogs.
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video of french bulldog cleaning up toys | thumbnail left french bulldog in front of toy basket, thumbnail right dog putting toy inside toy basket

Clever Dog Cleans Entire Room In Two Minutes (Video)

“Today Griffin the French Bulldog shows off his dog tricks and shows us how he can tidy up his toys. Watch our clever dog clean up all his toys and put them in his toy box in just 2 minutes! Isn't this the cutest dog trick?” (Via Youtube). Griffin the French Bulldog sure is cute, but not just cute! No, no! He is also super duper smart. Griffin acts very systematically, swiftly retrieving one toy at a time and then returning it to the toy basket! We are super impressed by his calmness and collec…
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Informative article about a service dog named Jack and his owner Alison | Thumbnail is a photo of a woman hugging a dog, second photo of a service dog smiling in a field.

Learning More About Service Dogs With Human And Service Dog Duo: Jack And Alison

Service dogs , or trained dogs who provide assistance to people with disabilities, can be truly life saving. Alison, a woman with a service dog , is creating content on social media to raise awareness about service dogs. She also shares tips on her social media pages about how to train your service dog and keep them happy. Jack is a poodle/golden doodle mix who is trained to do specific tasks which help to mitigate the panic disorder that Alison suffers from. Training a service dog like Jack ca…
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12 images and videos of reagan the doodle | thumbnail left reagan standing on paddleboard in water, thumbnail right reagan cuddling with baby

Shining This Week's Insta Spotlight On Reagan The Doodle

Scroll too fast, and you might just miss seeing Reagan the Australian labradoodle entirely: he is often pictured dressed up in matching outfits alongside his human best friend and adopted brother, who is referred to as "Lil Buddy," posed in such a way that he blends right in. We want to learn more about Reagan the Doodle! According to Reagandoodle's website: "The A.L. breed was started in Australia by a man who was on the quest for a hypoallergenic service dog for his wife. I've got lab, poodle…
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18 Amazing Animal Memes To Brighten Your Day | thumbnail 'She Doesn't Protec, She doesn't attack, she meow for additional snack'  and meme of dog saying 'me eating all my favorite snacks'

18 Amazing Animal Memes To Brighten Your Day

Good morning beautiful people! It's another great day to wake up, stretch, make some coffee, and then take a look at some fresh memes and heartwarming photos of animals that will definitely make you laugh! From cuteness galore , to some adorable but uggo animals, we promise that every meme we've compiled here is a real gem! We love to see photos of good boys acting just like we do! After all, what could be cuter? Hopefully you'll agree with us as you sit down and enjoy this catastic compilation…
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twitter thread 15 photos of a dog from a stock photo website | thumbnail includes two funny pictures of a dog and one tweet 'Dog - pj @iwpiws every photo i have of this dog, a thread 12:09 AM · Sep 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone'

Twitter Thread: Funny Meme-able Doggo Serves Looks

It's not every day that you stumble upon something on the interwebz that is truly one of a kind, for example, a bunch of dogs as twilight characters . However, when you do, you have to share it with all of your followers, and that is exactly what twitter user @iwpiws did after stumbling upon a truly incredible doggo! You see, this pup was born to model, and has a tremendous range of facial expressions which he uses to serve looks all day long. From parties to business meetings, this tiny pupper…
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a black cat 'Went to adopt a kitten. The woman running the rescue said she just got a black cat and was sad because she said nobody would adopt him because he’s 13 yrs old and ‘plain’ so I said.. I’ll take him too! A week later when the kitten was ready, I took him and his brother was crying. So I got all 3 u/SadPetDad21'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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original animation of a dog begging its human to rescue a stray kitten | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog in front of a human and a kitten in a bush

Sweet Doggo Begs Human To Rescue A Stray Kitten

Doggos are too good for this world <3
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twitter thread woman walked in on boyfriend grating cheese into dog's mouth | thumbnail tweet " I just walked into the kitchen to discover my boyfriend grating cheese directly into the dog's mouth"

Twitter Thread: Woman Catches Boyfriend Grating Cheese Directly Into Their Dog's Mouth

It's not every day that you walk in on your boyfriend grating cheese directly into your doggo's mouth! And when it is that day, you clearly have to take to social media afterwards to share this amazing event with the world. And that is exactly what happened to twitter user and human Molly Quell, who went viral over this super silly incident. We can not imagine exactly what this occurrence looked like, but we enjoy imagining this exact scenario in our brains. Playing out all of the different fac…
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video of giant dog being convinced to enter bath tub | thumbnail left dog standing at edge of tub, thumbnail right dog with baby

Family Tries To Tempt Reluctant Giant Alaskan Malamute To Get In The Bath (Video)

Phil, the giant Alaskan Malamute is not a fan of bath time . His family will do anything to try to convince him to hop in the tub , but he is not having it! They even smear peanut butter on the walls of the bath so Phil is incentivized to get in. They also line the bottom of the bath with a towel to avoid any slippery paw action. The whole family gathers for this attempt at convincing a reluctant doggo to hop in. Dad's there, mom too, human sister, and cat sister all join forces to try and woo …
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5 dog videos | thumbnail left dog food bowl and small black dog, thumbnail right "what a clever boi" dog face

Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Salutations friends! We got a bit of a late start to the day! You know those days when you just keep hitting the snooze button? Even though you know that you reallyyy have to get your butt up and get going? Yeah, it was one of those days. Then we got to the office and took an IV of wholesome doggo content s traight to the blood stream! Hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right? We've got big hopes for this week. It's a new month and with it a new season is coming! Summer has been great and all, bu…
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Dogs posing together for family photos in nature| thumbnail includes doggos playing together and posing for photos

Iconic Photos of Good Boys On A Walk

Every squad needs to take photos when they're looking fresh, even a squad of doggos. That's where Steven Watson, a photographer and dog walker, comes in. Steven documents the walks he takes with his good boys on his instagram and twitter pages, and the results are amazing. Photos with your pets can sometimes turn out a little awkward , but in Steven's photos, the dogs sit nice and casual, clearly they woke up like this! These photos, taken all across Boston, Massachusetts, capture a day in the …
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video of husky with beanbag | thumbnail left husky laying on beanbag smiling, thumbnail right husky laying on bean bag "no room for you"

Husky Gets His Beanbag Back And Won’t Let Anyone On It (Video)

After being separated from his bean bag for a period of time , K'ey the Husky was super hype to get it back! While watching this video- pay special attention to this silly doggo's awesome facial expressions. His visible excitement is what did it for us here! He makes this bean bag look so tempting, so comfortable, and so exclusive, he won't even let mom on it with him! First, he gives it a thorough sniff investigation, to ensure that the beanbag has maintained its unique scent. K'ey shoves his …
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13 images of one eared golden retriever rae | thumbnail left rae one eared golden retriever smiling, thumbnail right rae yawning, with text Rae a unicorn dog with an ear on top of her head, is viral hit on social media

One Eared Golden Unicorn Named Rae Takes This Week's Animal Instagram Spotlight

Good morning friends! We hope your weekends have been restful and rejuvenating thus far. Things have been tough lately and a global pandemic has not made them much easier! We want to maintain all the positivity and good vibes we've got going on in our lives and amplify them! And if there’s one thing to cheer people up in the midst of a pandemic, it’s cute animals on Instagram. Every week, we highlight an awesome Insta famous animal , and today we've decided to feature a very special unicorn, le…
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