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16 text based images about weird dog nick names | thumbnail text immy became Jimmington von Puppingham by my fiancé. I, for some reason I don't even know, started calling him Bippity Bop at some point. That turned into Boppity. He's also known as Fruitbat, Marmot, and Muskrat depending on how goofy he looks at any given time. I think the only time I actually call him Jimmy is if l'm referring to him in conversation."

Discussion: Dog Names Strangely Progressing Into Super Weird (But Awwdorable) Nicknames

Hello to all and to all a good day! Where are all my dog owners at?? ~You all raise your hands from behind your computer/phone screens.~ There you are! Well, today we've got something that you may or may not find super relatable. Let's see! Dog owners tend to give their doggos human-like names, but they spare no creativity whatsoever when coming up with awwdorable doggo nicknames! We must confess, we have heard our fair share of doggo nicknames in our time, but the amount of creativity here is …
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