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17 screenshots of subreddit about people eating dog treats | Thumbnail includes screenshot of title and text 'my dad has been eating dog treats for 20 yrs, He couldn't believe it. I had to ring up my sister to tell her what dad had been doing. I asked him if he is going to carry out buying and eating them and he said he is undecided. This was about a week ago now so he went to fill up with petrol today. He text me saying they just don't taste the same now he knows they're for dogs!'

Daddy Dog Treats: Amusing Subreddit Stories Of People Eating Dog Food

Crackers - Dog food - Potato - Potahto
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14 tweets diva dog twitter thread | thumbnail blue background text tweet "Reid @RVAReid My dog's turning into a diva. I gave her rotisserie chicken twice as a treat and now she won't eat unless it's rotisserie chicken. She really will sniff her food and look disgusted if it isn't rotisserie chicken. So now l'm constantly buying rotisserie chicken. 5:15 AM · Feb 8, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 5,675 Retweets 1,659 Quote Tweets 99.4K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Diva Doggos Refusing To Eat Dog Food After Exposure To Delicious Human Food

We can't blame 'em
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My Dog

comparison between stray dog and spoiled house dog
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When You Upgrade Your Dog To a Food Critic Position

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dog food smart treat Video - 77391617

Dog Opens Dog Proof Container As If It Were An Epic Treat Puzzle

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Sleeping It Off

dog food puppy sleep funny - 7724317952
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Obstinate Hoomins

dog food funny - 7720439296

And They Thought We Wouldn't Notice...

dog food dont-care replaced hold it - 6830152448
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Ai'm not eben mad tho...

dalmatian mad angry dog food teeth growling - 6590652672
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Please Remove Them From My Next Meal

best of the week dog food food multipanel picky - 6303606016
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dog food food glasses noms organic weimaraner - 5907228160
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Goggie ob teh Week: Nope.. Still Hungries!

dalmatian dog food eat eating food goggie ob teh week hungry noms - 5764442880
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Tap Dansing lessons

dog food kibble pomeranian top hat - 5623492096
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acrobatics adorable balance cute dog food eat eating feet food funny dog noms puppy silly dog Video yorkshire terrier - 31787521

VIDEO: Nommin' Acrobatics

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best of the week dog food food Hall of Fame mixed breed noms whatbreed - 5525930496
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I dunt no hao

dinner dog food food noms whatbreed - 5304026624
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