I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 reddit text based images neighbor and loud dog | thumbnail blue background "Dansn_lawlipop · 13d Partassipant [3] 1 Award NTA She didn't wanna properly train the dog and suffered the consequences of that. SHE'S akhead for locking the dog outside when she got tired of it. 6 Reply 1 2.8k eqnrc · 13d Partassipant [1] Yeah, this smacks of someone getting a dog for their child without really thinking about the effort"

AITA: Neighbor Complains About Constantly Barking Dog, Family Has To Rehome Him

A doggo debacle
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12 text based reddit images | thumbnail blue background " Tell dog's breed without telling dog's breed, FlappyGemGem · 1d I have a ball. Throw the ball. Please throw the ball. Wait, are those sheep? Forget the ball, I'll be back in a second at full speed. Wait... are you going to throw the ball? G Reply 133 No-Baseball8424 · 1d Border collie?"

Reddit Users Guess Each Others Dog Breeds Based Only On Descriptions

Guess who
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12 text based reddit images surrounding family argument over dogs and christmas | thumbnail blue background "AITA for not locking my dogs outside? Not the A-hole We have two dogs, both small and no higher than your knees. We love Christmas in my family (I prefer Halloween, myself, but still love Christmas) and I got them both Christmas jumpers. We always get them a little bag of treats and toys, too. I only mention this to show how loved they are. My nephew is nearly 9 and afraid of dogs."

Sister Invites Herself Over For Christmas, Requests That Host's Dogs Be Left Outside

Christmas debacles and dogs
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16 text based images thread on husband, wife wants to get rid of dog | thumbnail "ANameWithoutMeaning · 8d Partassipant [1] NTA. You say you'd rather keep the dog than your marriage, and I think that pretty much settles the issue. Also, if you do end up having to choose between one or the other, I am 99% certain the dog will be the better choice for you in the long run. You said that you might be the asshole because you're "expected to put [your] wife first."

Husband Tells Wife She Can't Get Rid Of The Dog, Gets Rid Of Her Instead

Peace out lady
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list of funny reasons why spoiled dogs would not survive in the wild | thumbnail text " I have a beagle who barks when he's excited or upset lol. Excited to hunt down a rabbit: bark! Gets scared by a leaf falling: bark! Not to mention my boy gets lost easily. He would keep his sniffer to the ground, look up, and not know where he is in the slightest.

Owners Provide Funny Reasons Why Their Spoiled Doggos Would Not Survive The Wild

Pampered pooches galore
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13 text based images discussion lab worker dog names | thumbnail text "Hahaha this is amazing. Do you have a favourite one so far? Or a top 3? G Reply 1 33 ms_boogie OP • 1d Hmmm I don't wanna give away too many names because they get specific and we do want to protect our clients - but I did get to enter a swab for a lil guy named Peanut Butter Butthole. I hope that dog has a happy, long life. I think about it constantly now. "

Lab Worker Inundated Daily With Funny Dog Names: Requests To Keep 'Em Coming

The sillier the better
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15 reddit text based images | thumbnail "Walking my dog on the pavement while it's 104°F out, I put boots on my dog. And today, someone took it upon themselves to tell me that dogs in the wild wouldn't have boots. " plus second comment "

Man Makes Dog Wear Booties To Protect Dog's Paws: Stranger Inserts Unwanted Opinion

Keep your opinions to yourself
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list of thread dogs taking care of humans | thumbnail text "I was reading a book the other night and a character I was really invested in died. I know it's pathetic but I was sobbing away and my wee girl jumped onto my chest, licked my face and kept butting me with her head. She wouldn't leave my side for hours. We don't deserve dogs"

Heartwarming Instances Of Dogs Taking Care Of Their Humans And Not The Other Way Around

Our dogs do as much for us as we do for them
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22 text based images about perks of having a dog | thumbnail "he happy snorts. The "omg you're back im so freaking happy!!!" Even if you just leave for 10 minutes. The unconditional love. The shared excitement when they finally get a trick/command down. "

Heartwarming List Of The Most Underrated Perks Of Having A Dog

Doggos make our lives better in so many ways
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17 text based images surrounding discussion about dogs recognizing other dogs of the same breed | thumbnail text "

Do Dogs Recognize Other Dogs Of The Same Breed: A Behavioral Discussion

Facial recognition, beep bap boop, activated
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17 text  based images about dog breeds | thumbnail " American Eskimo Dog. The most beautiful, majestic of all dogs, but I just don't think I could deal with the shedding and energy. I have a disability that limits my ability to be consistently active, so many breeds are just too high energy for me to handle. But in my fantasy, I live out in the woods and I have all the room and energy for border collies, hounds, and maybe even a Doberman just because they look so elegant."

Discussion: Dog Breeds Users Would Love To Adopt But For Whatever Reason Cannot

Simple Question With Many Answers: Dream Dog Breeds
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12 text images discussion on vets going above and beyond | thumbnail text "I took my very sick cat in to the vets and turned out he had cancer. I thought it was hyperthyroidism. Have had cats with that before. The vet offered for me to come back later with my husband after spoiling my little shadow for the past 15 years all day. The vet herself cradled him and took him to the back after he'd passed. A week later we also received a beautiful signed sympathy card with personal messages"

Heartwarming Instances Of Vets Going Above And Beyond For Their Patients

Pet owners, where you at? You guys know just how much of a difference in a good vet can make. We trust our vets to care for our CHILDREN . That is no light task! These professional animal lovers have a beautiful habit of going above and beyond for their patients, and we salute them! We want to give a big shout out to all of the vets, and veterinary support workers out there. We appreciate you! Vets can especially make a difference for us pet owners when we are going through a difficult time wit…
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14 text based images discussion of dogs stealing food | thumbnail text "I was once reheating a steak l'd taken home from a restaurant. Full NY strip. I'd only taken a couple bites. I took it out of the pan (heating on stovetop), set it on plate, went to the sink to wash my hands, with my back to the steak across the kitchen. I turned around less than 15 seconds later and it was gone. Next to the counter was a very happy looking Puggle, licking her lips. She was only about a foot high, "

Instances Of Sneaky Doggos Stealing Human Food And Ruining Human Dinner Plans

If you're a dog owner you know the first rule of doggo owning is NEVER LEAVE YOUR FOOD UNATTENDED. However, we are just humans after all, and sometimes things slip our mind…and then food “slips” into our doggos mouths'. Despite our conscious efforts to be alert and attentive, we ain't perfect ad our imperfections result in some super delicious meals for our mischievous pups. Folks took to reddit to tell their silliest dinner thief stories, and some of them really had us going. Doggos are so won…
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15 text based images wht to do with picky dog eaters | thumbnail Hey everyone, I have a 11 month old basset that is starting to show no interest in his kibble, l've tried adding water, l've tried adding pumpkin and he used to love pumpkin, l've tried adding carrots, cause he still eats those by itself. Just wondering what others are hooking up there pups with when it comes to food? Encouraging them to eat. It's only started about a week ago. He seems to eat when I add a slice of diced deli ham"

Discussion On Dealing With Picky Doggo Eaters: Tips And Tricks

Is your doggo a picky eater? Does he/she have a habit of hunger striking until they get exactly what they want? What do you even do in this situation! You don't want your doggo to go hungry, but you also don't want to give in to them and give them the idea that they can just go on a hunger strike and get whatever they want. No, no, that is not how this works buddy! Let's dive into this discussion. We came across an interesting discussion in which doggo owners came together from near and far to …
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16 text based images about weird dog nick names | thumbnail text immy became Jimmington von Puppingham by my fiancé. I, for some reason I don't even know, started calling him Bippity Bop at some point. That turned into Boppity. He's also known as Fruitbat, Marmot, and Muskrat depending on how goofy he looks at any given time. I think the only time I actually call him Jimmy is if l'm referring to him in conversation."

Discussion: Dog Names Strangely Progressing Into Super Weird (But Awwdorable) Nicknames

Hello to all and to all a good day! Where are all my dog owners at?? ~You all raise your hands from behind your computer/phone screens.~ There you are! Well, today we've got something that you may or may not find super relatable. Let's see! Dog owners tend to give their doggos human-like names, but they spare no creativity whatsoever when coming up with awwdorable doggo nicknames! We must confess, we have heard our fair share of doggo nicknames in our time, but the amount of creativity here is …
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13 text based images surrounding discussion about dating people who don't like dogs | thumbnail "This might sound crazy to some people but I distance myself from people who say they don't like animals. That's fine, but to me it shows you don't have the level of empathy and connection with the world that I want in my friendships/relationship. You aren't required to have an animal, but if you can't understand the connection of humans and animals and you dislike them, we can't be friends. "

A Discussion On Dating People Who Don't Like Dogs: Is It Deal Breaker Or Not

Dog people: would you consider dating someone that does not like dogs? Or maybe not "does not like" but let's say that dogs just aren't their thing. Some people say yes, it's not a deal breaker for them to be with someone who does not share their love of dogs. Some say no, definitely not, if they don't love dogs then this ain't going to work out. Users took to Reddit to discuss this conundrum . “To be honest, not liking dogs would be a deal breaker for me because my dogs are a huge part of my l…
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