I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of turtles classified as different species | thumbnail image of several large turtles

Turtles Discovered To Be Entirely Different Species Than Originally Thought (Video)

Slow and steady
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video of scientific discovery ghost shark | thumbnail image of ghostly shark

Scientists Find Baby ‘Ghost Shark’ With Striking Ghostly Appearance (Video)

An amazing discovery
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video covering wooly mammoth tusk discovery | thumbnail image of tusk and image of wooly mammoth

Woolly Mammoth Tusk From Ice Age Found in 'Once in a Lifetime' Discovery (Video)

An amazing discovery
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video about discovery of mummified crocodiles | thumbnail image of mummified crocodile with people inspecting it

Mummified Crocodile Found In Classroom Floorboards (Video)

Field trip... to the floorboards?
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video of archeological discovery sea dragon in UK } thumbnail image of sea dragon fossil

Giant Sea Dragon Uncovered in the UK (Video)

It's hugeee
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article about a cat sanctuary in Hawaii | thumbnail includes two photos of the sanctuary, one in the daytime and one at the nighttime

World Of Animals: Inside A Hawaiian Cat Sanctuary

Kitty Pur-adise!
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twitter thread about a dog making an archeological discovery | thumbnail includes a black and white picture of a dog and a man and one tweet 'Dog - Marina Amaral ... @marinamaral2 On September 12, 1940, a French teenager took his dog for a walk - a simple everyday event, but it was to lead to one of the most stunning archaeological discoveries of all time. Robot, the dog, ran into a hole created by a fallen tree. Ravidat threw some stones into the hole. 4:07 PM - Sep 12, 2021 - Twitter Web App '

Twitter Thread: Dog Makes Incredible Archeological Discovery

The goodest boy.
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viral tweets about octopuses punching fish for no reason other than spite thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - mark the herald angels sing O @markhoppus 000 Scientists have discovered that, on occasions, an octopus will “punch" a fish for no reason other than "spite". 5:59 PM Dec 23, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 49.8K Retweets 5.9K Quote Tweets 337.8K Likes'

Study Discovers That Octopus Sometimes Punch Fish For No Reason (Viral Tweets)

And twitter loses it.
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story about two new species of greater gliders discovered in Australia thumbnail includes two pictures including a small fluffy greater glider and another of a greater glider sitting on a tree

Two New Fluffy Marsupial Gliders Discovered In Australia

Some wholesome, uplifting news from Australia.
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discovery of 2000 year old cat drawing in the desert of peru - thumbnail of discovered etched feline nazca lines

2,000-Year-Old Cat Discovered Etched Among Nazca Lines In Peru

Absolutely incredible
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discovery ocean twitter thread wtf tweets long stringy stingy thing | Open Ocean Exploration @RebeccaRHeIm Omg I have CHILLS. This is an ANIMAL I'm guessing it's over a hundred feet long, forming a spiral in the middle of the deep sea. I've gone on numerous expeditions and have never, EVER, seen anything like this. Let me tell you what this is and why it is blowing my mind

Insightful Thread About "Long Stringy Thingy" Discovered In The Ocean (Tweets)

The world's longest "long stringy stingy thingy."
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new species 2019 discovery

New Species Discovered In 2019 (14 Species Out Of 71)

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wolf dog siberian permafrost

18000 Year Old Wolf/Dog Found In Siberian Permafrost (Twitter Thread)

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New Adorable Mammal Species Discovered

discovery mammal - 7740516096
Created by Unknown

New Loris!

discovery Slow Loris new species squee - 6891011840
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Cats cute discovery kitten livestream Video - 6621513216
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