I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Said "Sunkissed and Hooved" Not "Burned Orange and Obvious".

deer disappointed obvious orange - 6567224832
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Somebody Lied

brains disappointed eating squirrel zombie - 6558993408
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I Thought We Were Friends

bro disappointed frog high five - 6528632320
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Animal Capshunz: You Have Disappointed Me

angry bacon disappointed otter - 6484875776
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Friendzoned Again!

disappointed embarrassed friend i like you love orangutan Sad - 6461135616
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Call Me When You're Ready to be Mature About This

angry disappointed eagle fish frozen game - 6462294784
By Unknown

Try Some Originality For a Change

annoyed disappointed Owl who - 6363827968
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Alright, Let's Try Again

disappointed orangutan sigh train trying - 6322151168
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Animal Capshunz: We Have So Much in Common

arms crossed captions disappointed hmph humans sea turtles turtle turtles - 6246472960
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Lolcats: Well...

captions Cats disappointed home late lolcats roommate Staring - 6208955392
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Otters Cut Deep

angry disappointed mad otter parenting - 6276129792
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Is That Seaweed On Your Breath?

dad disappointed turtle - 6252461312
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Animal Capshunz: We Could Have Had Feathers

chameleons disappointed evolution great lizards ugly - 6129484032
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Animal Capshunz: Serious Gorilla is Serious

disappointed gorilla gorillas grumpy serious stare stern - 6128581632
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Nao I'm In Trubbl Wif teh Wife!

bewbs confused disappointed hooters Owl wife - 6012016128
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Reader Squees: Steve

Bunday bunny disappointed pets reader squees - 4376000256
By mommyoftwo