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A Youtube video about a disabled black cat with wobbly syndrome that finally got adopted into his forever home

Willy, A Disabled Black Cat That No One Wanted, Finally Gets Adopted Into His Forever Home (Video)

He's finally home
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video of fox with colorful walker | thumbnail image of fox with colorful walker

Colorful Walker Helps This Disabled Fox Get Around (Video)

A second chance at life
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a story about a blind and deaf cat who was born and the advice that people gave | thumbnail includes text saying 'I had a cat with cerebellar hyperplasia. He was born deaf, had a bit of a bobble head motion going on, and walked in circles a lot. I loved this cat like crazy. He could do pretty much anything the other cats could, just not with as much grace.'

Advice For Taking Care Of A Deaf And Blind Kitten: Wholesome Thread

The Hellen Keller of cats.
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a heartwarming story about a man adopting 40 seagulls | thumbnail includes a photo of 10 seagulls with the man's pet cat

Man Adopts 40 Disabled Seagulls (Video)

Such a good deed!
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video of a disabled parrot learning to walk in boots | thumbnail includes a picture of a parrot wearing tiny boots

Parrot Learns To Walk On Tiny Boots After Losing Her Feet (Video)

*heartbreakingly wholesome parrot noises*
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photos of three legged dogs and cats, animals missing a leg | thumbnail is a three legged cat sleeping, and a three legged dog being adopted by a three legged man with the caption 'witnessed the most pure moment today - a Veteran adopting a dog with one missing leg as well. I don’t think my heart has ever been so full'

Awwdorable Three Legged Animals Living Life To The Fullest

Here at ICanHasCheezburger, we believe that every cat is a good cat, and every dog is a good boi, but we have a special place in our hearts for all of the adorable animals that have encountered some challenges , but keep on being wonderful. Specifically, we have a soft spot for all of the incredible animals who were born without or lost a leg, and kept on crushing it unfazed. From tiny tripod kittens , to more senior three legged cats , to all of the bestest doggos that bless our timeline with …
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story about a kitten with disability being determined to walk | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten with a dysfunctional leg and a kitten booping her nose against a human's nose

Stray Kitten With A Fused Spine And Tail Is Determined To Walk And Live Happily

Nothing is stopping this kitten.
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video of woman and squirrel | thumbnail left and right squirrel images

Woman Adopts Aggressive Special Needs Squirrel And Shows Him Love (Video)

Desmond the squirrel is quite the character! This lil squirrel was born with no hands, and as a part of his unfortunate birth defect, he is unable to shred nesting materials and needs care. That's when Amber comes into the picture. She had originally placed him in a foster home, but he became aggressive towards his foster mother and Amber understood that it was time for Desmond to come back to her direct care. Desmond chilled out a bit once he returned to Amber, refraining from his previous agg…
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viral imgur thread of a chicken with a scissor beak condition | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chicken with a cross beak condition 'This is Dory, and as you can probably see, she has something called cross beak. Even as it progressed, she still strived- it felt like overnight how quickly it worsened... my dang bleeding heart couldn’t give up on her and I’m so glad I didn’t grrumble'

Thread: Affectionate And Goofy Scissor-Beak Chicken Strives For Best Life

Never give up on them <3
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story about an adopted tripod kitten getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of a tripod kitten '"They bonded first over their missing front left legs. It was the sweetest thing to see her take him under her wing and start grooming him soon after meeting" - Andrea'

Abandoned Tripod Kitten Finds Forever Home With Another Tripod Cat

Whole and wholesome <3
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appreciation posts of blind cats thumbnail includes a picture of a senior blind cat with clear and striking blue eyes 'Beautiful blind senior cat u/trwwy321'

Purrfectly Wholesome Blind Cat Appreciation Collection

All cats deserve love and affection
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heartwarming adorable video of a man who didn't like cats adopting a disabled cat

"Non-Cat" Guy Adopts Disabled Kitten, Falls Deeply In Love (Video)

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pictures of cats who have lost their legs thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with no front legs standing on its back legs and looking at the camera and another of a kitten with no back legs lying on a carpet

Cats Who May Have Lost Their Legs But Are Still Purrsevering

Showing some love to disabled kitties
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Man Documents His Daily Life With a Blind And Deaf Dog | beautiful white dog with a pink nose sitting in the backseat of a car while her owner takes a selfie

Heartwarming: Man Documents His Daily Life With a Blind And Deaf Dog

Life With a Blind And Deaf Dog
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black cat disabled clinic support comfort amazing cats helpful animals | cute black cat paralyzed rear legs sitting like a person on top of its back legs in front of a cage housing a dog

Disabled Cat Goes Around Vet Clinic To Comfort Other Sick Animals

Black cat magic at it's finest
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mini horse disabled wheelchair story snake bite amazing love walking trotting | cute little pony with with white marks on its face and a red scarf tied around its neck standing on hay and facing the camera

Snake-Bitten Mini Horse Named Teaspoon Can Walk Again Thanks To Wheelchair

Way to go, Teaspoon
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