I Can Has Cheezburger?


10 reddit text images and video of cat staring otuside window | thumbnail left cat sitting on deck, thumbnail right cat looking out of window, text "My 1 year old, indoor only cat always cries and meows when she see the neighbor outdoor cats from the window. Am I being cruel for confining her?"

Considerate Cat Owner Hesitant To Let Her Cat Outside, Turns To Reddit For Advice

A feline debacle
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12 reddit text based images neighbor and loud dog | thumbnail blue background "Dansn_lawlipop · 13d Partassipant [3] 1 Award NTA She didn't wanna properly train the dog and suffered the consequences of that. SHE'S akhead for locking the dog outside when she got tired of it. 6 Reply 1 2.8k eqnrc · 13d Partassipant [1] Yeah, this smacks of someone getting a dog for their child without really thinking about the effort"

AITA: Neighbor Complains About Constantly Barking Dog, Family Has To Rehome Him

A doggo debacle
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Every Dog's Dilemma

dilemma fetch funny stick - 8198451968
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confused dilemma dumb penguin penguins Video - 12194817


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accident caption captioned cat decision dilemma first time kitten peeing question special - 3765146880
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choices cuddles decision dilemma playing puppy snow two warm whatbreed - 4106312448
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