I Can Has Cheezburger?


hole rabbit digging Cats - 96108545

Smart And Heroic Rabbit Digs a Hole To Save His Stuck Cat Friend

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Do You Ever Feel Like Your Siblings are Messing With You on Purpose?

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The Dog Is Digging In The Yard Again!

funny animal image of dog in excavator
Via MemeW

Must Have Been A Hole In Our Communications

animals holes oops digging - 8495634688
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What? I Thought I Heard a Mouse!

hole sorry digging Cats wall mouse - 8471014656
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Digging Up Bones

bones creepy digging - 8297923840
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snow love winter digging Cats - 68501249

Rudger Only Kind of Loves Snow

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Hiding Your Bone is Serious Business

bones digging - 8257613056
Via drunov

A Dog's Throne

digging hole king - 8229124352
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The Hole Just Formed and Dirt Flew in my Face!

digging funny guilty - 8204940800
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Well You Shouldn't Have put all That Awesome Dirt in it!

cute flowers dirty digging puppies trouble spring - 8139327488
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He Didn't Want to Squash the Flower

so cute be careful digging - 8038434048
By Unknown

Seriously Though, It Was All Teh Kitteh's Idea

kitten pool digging Cats funny - 7741605888
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
corgi digging funny Video guilty - 53401601

Guilty Corgi Is Guilty

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Don't Try This in Bars; This Pickup Line Only Works for Dogs. Don't Embarrass Yourself.

pickup lines flirting captions winking puns dig backyard digging - 6850759680
Via Daily Picks and Flicks
Cats clawing digging maru playing Video - 41426177

Animal Videos: Maru vs. the Mystery Bump

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