Funny Unexpected Difficulties Of Having Pet Fish (Tweets)

For some reason, fish are considered to be one of the easiest pets to raise, but if you've ever had a fish, you know that is so not true. The sudden horror of seeing your fish floating upside down... not many things compare. My first pet was a fish, and for a long time afterwards, it discouraged me from having any pets at all. I mean, if I couldn't handle raising fish, how could I ever handle anything more complicated than that?

Eventually, I got over myself and got a different "more difficult to raise" pet and realizes that fish were by far more difficult to keep. And apparently, I'm not the one the only who thinks that, considering the sudden influx of tweets about the difficulties of raising fish. Thank you, twitter, for yet again making me feel better about myself. 

tweets about the difficulties about raising fish thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sarah lugor!! @sarahlugor getting a pet fish is 1000x more work than anyone tells you. it should not be ANYONES first pet 9:41 AM Feb 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,960 Retweets 396 Quote Tweets 33.6K Likes'
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