I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 screenshots from a reddit post of someone venting about the danger of social media | Thumbnail includes screenshot of part of reddit post 'Social media "dog pros" are dangerous, I feel awful because she does support a lot of good things, like say no to doodles and enriching your dog, exercising them, and not allowing your dog off leash without perfect recall. But these two major focuses of her account really seem dangerous to me and it's a trend I notice a lot on social media. There are'

Redditors Discuss The Dangers Of Social Media And Pro-Dog Influencers

Influencers influencing
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Reddit discussion about how long people walk their dogs for | Thumbnail includes screenshot of the title of the thread and part of the story 'Ok I'm going to say it... it's not realistic to expect every dog owner to walk their dogs miles at a time 3 times a day…, I guess I just want us all supporting each other instead of shaming one another. Dogs are like... the coolest shit and we are so blessed to have them as pals and all we can do is our best for them!!'

Dog Parent Rants On Reddit About Unrealistic Dog Walking Expectations From Shamers

Do's And Don'ts Of The Dog Walking Rule Book
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a vegan tries to feed their cat an entirely vegan diet until her roommate steps in | thumbnail includes text saying 'I told her cats can't eat a vegan diet because they are carnivores and it can lead to health issues. Not to mention a diet of solely dry food for cats can lead to kidney stones and dehydration. My roommate would not budge on this issue and ultimately said if its made for cats then it is ok for cats.'

Vegan Roommate Refuses To Let Her Cat Eat Meat, Internet Weighs In

Would you let your roommate do this?
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video of a huge cat going on a diet | thumbnail includes a picture of a really large cat

Mega Chonker Cat Begins Its De-Chonking Journey (Video)

And we wish him all the luck in the world <3
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Not as planned

vet said he needed to lose 5 pounds so we're working on it... but it's not going well | pic of a white chubby chonky dog lying on its side exhausted with the leash on the ground
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funny meme about vegan cats
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is my cat fat VIDEO

How Do You Tell if Your Cat is Too Fat And Why You Should Care

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diet meal funny memes cheat Memes animal memes animals - 6129157

14 Animals Who Got Caught Cheating On Their Diet (Memes)

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animals getting weighted

12 Times Animals Stepped On The Weight Scale And Didn't Like What They See (Memes)

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diet funny Video - 336390

Dog on a Diet Throws a Tantrum When Denied Cookies

Hungry dogs that don't get their way
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healthy life diet excercise Memes food animals - 4436229

20 Animals Who Really Tried Living a Healthier Life

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Dennis, the dieting dog

The Amazing Story Of The Dog Who Lost 79% Of His Body Weight Within One Year

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I wish...

they should change cat food labels
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Low fat - low sodium - extra fiber

all cat diet caption gerbil had one - 8985082880
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A Common Lament

animals on cat diet not wish caption - 8821335296
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While This Is Very True...*Give Me a Pepperoni With Extra Sausage* Your Dogs *Muffled Eating Voice* Should Never Get Dis Phat.

diet fat pizza meme - 8804391424
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