I Can Has Cheezburger?


The Red Dot Blues

Sad depressed red dot Cats - 8474282496
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Every Weekday Morning

depressed coffee Cats - 8430358016
Created by MsAnna

The Food Dish Must be Half Empty

animals tabby depressed bad day Cats - 8368359680
See all captions Created by Unknown

She's All Hopped Out

bunnies cute depressed rabbits - 7990764032
Created by Unknown

Sounds Better Than What Most of Us Do All Day

fun depressed dolphins - 7008420608
See all captions Created by echeg5

It's Not Easy Bein'... Well, You Know

life muppets depressed kermit suicide puns frogs - 7041759488
Created by Unknown

Lean on me

cat tree depressed cry captions comfort bath Cats awful - 6510325760
See all captions Created by CatLadynlr

Depressed Cat Has Made a Huge Mistake

Sad depressed birds captions Memes thinking family depressed cat - 6751989248
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You Say Potato, I Say... Wait, What Were We Talking About?

hate depressed captions Memes i hate you Grumpy Cat tard multipanel Cats potatoes depressed cat - 6745052672
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He was grinding his face in my catnip

Sad beer depressed drunk captions cheat Cats - 6737233152
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Depressed Cat is Depressed

Sad depressed lives Memes Cats depressed cat - 6738820864
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Gravity is getting me down...

depressed basset hound down sad dog Gravity - 6619656192
See all captions Created by Stinkyray

And They Are a Hoot

Sad depressed emo Owl - 6625830144
See all captions Created by Unknown

i can has... sigh...

ennui boredom depressed Cats captions - 6686764544
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Mondays, Amirite?

Sad mondays puns ruff rough sitting human-like depressed - 6675091968
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Oh, Sweet Death, When Will You Arrive?

9 lives captions Cats Death depressed frowning grumpy Grumpy Cat life lolcats - 6618896128
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