Insanely Wholesome And Adorable Comics By Andrés J. Colmenares

Artist Andrés J. Colmenares is quite the master of creating the ultimate wholesome comics. Seriously. We have no idea how he comes up with so many brilliant and creative ideas for illustrations but they are never-ending and we are forever grateful. 

Andrés J. Colmenares is the creator of the popular Wawawiwa Comics you've probably seen all over the web. And while not all his illustrations feature animals, we selected the newest comics that do feature them. 

On Wawawiwa's Instagram handle, the artist describes the work as, "a big visual hug that tickles you at the same time." And it truly feels like that. You can now purchase his book, "A Visual Hug," featuring a heap of illustrations on Amazon! And don't forget to follow on Instagram for new and adorable comics that'll make your heart melt.

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