I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr post of a tarot card deck made up of iconic cat memes thumbnail includes three images of tarot cards including one of a cat looking at a phone 'Cat - THE HERMIT.' a cat with a magician's hat on 'Cat - THE MAGICIAN. ignal.' and a cat in front of a mirror 'Cat - JUDGEMENT.'

Tumblr Creates Tarot Card Deck Out Of Iconic Cat Memes

Now, this is the kind of tarot card deck that I would want to use
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When You Hose off Your Entire Deck and Your Dog Never Notices

guess tired caption deck wet - 8806538752
Created by onefinekitty

Plese tell me that was NOT a mouse down there.

mountain lions deck safe cougars scared mouse - 6856065280
See all captions Created by chillatiger

Buy this Card Deck to Benefit Stray Cat Alliance

charity deck internet cards Cats - 7003653632
Via Catsparella

Curse my tiny legs and tiny bladder

deck lazy give up french bulldogs yard - 6301064448
See all captions Created by basselope

Are You Gonna Tell Him Different?

mountain lions deck house cougars rest intimidating Cats - 6854118656
See all captions Created by Paschendale

I'd Enjoy it a Lot More Without You Here

annoyed lions scary deck - 6787024384
See all captions Created by Unknown

A gud weather forecast is essential

raincoat deck raining dachshunds - 6736496384
See all captions Created by cataff ( Via Kay Taylor )

Picks a card....

caption captioned card cards cat deck magic suggestion this trick - 5472979712
See all captions Created by Len314159

Since U Left Behind, Plz 2 Clean Litterbox KTHXBAI!!

animals Cats deck I Can Has Cheezburger rain religion wood - 5071092992
See all captions Created by Catonic_Relationship

Cheez Fur teh Camera!

cheez deck mixedbreed outside smile teeth whatbreed - 4802518272
Via lolcreatures.tumblr.com

Did not think...

accident deck here problem puppy regret think whatbreed - 4725982464
See all captions Created by Unknown

Goggie ob teh Week Winnar: Basset Hound!!!

basset hound black deck goggie ob teh week puppy winner wood - 4667740416
See all captions Created by ingopixel


caption captioned deck FAIL fall Hall of Fame multipanel porch snow - 4500581632
Created by Unknown


deck FAIL fall flip oh noes snow somersault winter - 4333616896
Created by Unknown


bird cat deck outside scared - 3461801216
See all captions Created by mikebrow
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