I Can Has Cheezburger?


list of cats comics talking and discussing decisions - thumbnail of two cats sleeping and two cats about to eat | Should get up? Maybe later | Should eat all now or save Some later is question

Purrfectionism And Hard Decisions In The World Of A Cat (Comics)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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15 photos of cats having regrets about their decisions

Cats Getting Stuck in Weird Situations (21 Photos)

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Where To Start First?

cat scratch snack decisions have sleep caption sofa - 8996892160
See all captions Created by cataff

Do I Want a Poop Shoe or a Purryfurry Lap ?

the internets decisions Cats siamese - 8437033984
See all captions Created by coeranch

Nice? Fun? Nice? Fun?

kitten decisions Cats - 8031996928
See all captions Created by allcatsloved

Decisions, Decisions

decisions boxes - 7426237696
See all captions Created by Sylviag

Eh, This is More Fun

decisions butts llamas alpacas turn around - 6909632000
See all captions Created by sophiagirl13

That One Looks Expensive

poop crows decisions car ravens flying - 6828545536
See all captions Created by Unknown

I'll just sit in the sun and think about it.

decisions water captions ocean fish Cats - 6746156544
See all captions Created by Philippa2

Classic LOLcat

cat classic classics decide decisions - 6349653504
Created by Unknown

And it DOES Look Delicious

decisions delicious eating Flower gorilla loves nom sucker - 6163268864
See all captions Created by MallardVHS

Lolcats: My decisions are based on your inconvenience.

box Cats claw decisions destroy destruction Hall of Fame lolcats maru messes shred thinking vacuum - 6176068864
See all captions Created by momofzoo

Kitteh Komic ob teh Day: Kitteh Decisions

comic comics decisions doorway get out in the way rude stand thoughts - 5152680448
Via Final Ellipsis


caption captioned cat confused debate decisions do want HoverCat monorail cat moon moping parents problem want - 4385759488
See all captions Created by Shrapnel


both caption captioned cat decisions gluttony maybe mirror options sins sloth vain vanity - 4240151808
See all captions Created by cinna-crumbs


caption captioned cat decisions hiding possession pun souls toes - 4030375168
See all captions Created by DianeMarie
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