I Can Has Cheezburger?


21 screenshots of reddit discussion on whether dogs should be allowed in doggy daycare | Thumbnail includes one Reddit post ‘Unpopular opinion..? Not every dog should go to doggy daycare., It can be a mess y'all. If I had any say in who we allowed in, it may be different. (I will say my new job is very good about this and does actually care about the employee's opinions). But I can guarantee that a lot of daycare owners mostly just care about money and will let almost any dog in and will.’

Dog Parents Dicussing Whether All Dogs Belong In Doggy Daycare

Some doggy daycare drama
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collection of Facebook posts with reasons why dogs god expelled from doggy daycare | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Kim Dietrich My dog crashed through a gate to fight another dog. She kicked his ass. The staff took him to the vet. He was fine. But when I picked him up, his face was all puffy. He learned his lesson. And the daycare reinforced all their gates. But there really is nothing like getting a call that your dog has been in a fight when you're an elementary teacher'

Reasons Not-So-Good Doggos Got Expelled From Daycare (Part Two)

Sometimes, our good bois are not so good after all.
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tweets about dogs getting expelled from doggy daycare | thumbnail includes a picture of two dogs and one tweet 'Font - Sophie Haigney @SophieHaigney ... My dad's two dogs expelled from dog daycare due to forming a "dog gang" 3:43 AM - Jul 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.7K Retweets 1,290 Quote Tweets 161.4K Likes'

Reasons Not-So-Good Doggos Got Expelled From Daycare (Tweets)

Can't be pawfect allllll the time *shrug*
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doggy dogcare funny wholesome dogs lol doggo aww | u/SwarmTendon 3 days ago 12 This isn't dog daycare at all XXXL tl;dr at bottom while back working an office allowed dogs an open floor plan and since customers never came into office kept dogs food and water bowls right by front door just because most convenient space and no one else would see them but us who worked there six us who worked main office area only one who didn't have dog (no pets policy at apartment) and always felt horribly left

Woman Mistakes Office For A Doggy Daycare (Wholesome Story)

Heckin' wholesome
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cute puppies sleeping in daycare center | two rows of tiny dog beds with different colored poodles sleeping in them

The Awww Factor: Photos Of Puppies Sleeping In Daycare Center Go Viral

Photos Of Puppies Sleeping In Daycare Center
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doggy day care

Meet The Man Behind The Coolest Doggie Daycare Bus Service (11 Images And Vids)

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daycare class photos animals - 4588037

Class Of 2018: This Is How Animal Daycare Class Photos Would Probably Look Like

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panda daycare center

This Is Probably The Cutest Daycare Center In The World

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a cute baby panda standing on a small chair trying to look whats outside - cover for a funny list of what a baby panda daycare looks like

This Is What A Panda Daycare Probably Looks Like

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cute daycare kitten mischief outside work - 1670156032
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