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Lolcats: "It was a joke!"

attack attacking bite Cats danger Interspecies Love jokes neck rabbit rabbits vs - 6139135744
See all captions Created by onefinekitty

He has a spare.

arm attack basement cat bite danger excuse pun saying - 6130939648
See all captions Created by desert29rat

Zombie chase

car cat chase danger drive get in the car zombie - 6129514240
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Lolcats: don mess wif meh

cat Cats claws danger fierce fight fighting kitten lolcat mean - 6124092928
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The moment matador kitteh realised

bull cape cat costume cow danger fight lolcat - 6124087552
See all captions Created by GumbieKat

Storm Chaser Birds

bird danger fly gifs ocean tumblr - 6124009472
Via Head Like An Orange

ur house

cat ceiling danger door lolcat ninja silent sneaky spy - 5924295424
See all captions Created by BEN1000000

There's One!

cat danger gun kill lolcat sci fi Star Trek - 6104811776
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74

Get A Cat They Said

cat danger destroy devil evil fun lolcat They Said - 6099433984

I think you're being purranoid

action cat chase danger escape lolcat no time to explain ride - 5941277440
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley


attack couple danger marmot monster mountain Other Animals prarie dog rodent - 6019751168
See all captions Created by Suzi_sMom

Conan the Bar-Bearian

bear danger Other Animals TV - 6019186176
See all captions Created by Greybeard55

Animal Capshunz: Quick! Bolt the Door!

bear bears Canada danger fight gang gangs kids road - 6022703360
See all captions Created by sbowman1983

It Would Be So Helpful Right Now

bear danger dream eat fish food nom river wish - 6034361344
See all captions Created by seattley3k

Animal Gifs: In an Alternate Universe...

chase chasing cheetah cheetahs danger gifs revenge run wtf zebra - 6017946368

Attack Bunny

bunny call danger rabbit scary summer yell - 6003502336
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via www.youtube.com )