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1 video of musicians, dancing, and a cat | Thumbnail includes one picture including 'Cat, instruments, and dancing'

Celebrate The 2 Year Anniversary Of This Famous Music Video Featuring The Most Iconic Canadian Cat On The Internet

It's a banger, and the cat is the best part
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video of a featherless bird dancing perfectly on beat to The Humpty Dance | thumbnail includes a picture of a featherless bird on a railling

Featherless Bird Doing The Humpty Hump And Dancing Perfectly On Beat (Video)

Rocking out so hard.
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video of male ostrich trying to get attention of potential mates | thumbnail left close up ostrich face, thumbnail right ostrich dancing

Ostrich Puts On Performance Of A Lifetime In An Attempt To Attract A Mate (Video)

It's time for this ostrich to show the ladies what he's got
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the beat of Biggie | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Joyful Featherless Cockatoo Dancing Perfectly On Beat To Biggie

Never seen a happier bird <3
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video of a featherless cockatoo dancing perfectly to the best of Michael Jackson | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cockatoo dancing

Featherless Cockatoo Dancing And Singing Perfectly On Beat To MJ (Video)

Has a better sense of beat than me tbh.
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perfectly timed pictures of cats 'dancing' striking a pose thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat lifting its leg in a funny pose and another of a cat twisted around in a funny pose

Razzle Dazzler Dancing Cats Striking A Pose

Breakdancing, modern dance... they've got the moves.
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The Ol' Razzle Dazzle

bird stretching its leg toward a wave of water
Via Imgur
song dance sitting Cats Video - 88544513

The Response Of These 7 Cats Siting In Line And Waiting For Their Favorite Song To Come On, Will Amaze You

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interesting animal dances in nature

8 Interesting Dances In The Animal Kingdom

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cat lady dance Video - 87075329

Cat Lady Dance

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cute puddle dance funny Video - 231942

Puppy Does The Cutest Dance When He Gets Picked Up From Doggie Daycare

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Just Pray They Don't Post The Video To YouTube!

cat nobody camera dance caption watching - 8970356992
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dancing birds dance Video - 81587713

These Birds Really Put the "Dance" in Electronic Dance Music

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"I'm Baaad, I'm Baaad!"

bad dance caption - 8793527296
See all captions Created by RedRobin

Hey, Knock It Off!

animals dance caption no watching - 8766967040
See all captions Created by MuttMeat
america dance - 773893

Meet the Stars of Musical Canine Freestyle

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