I Can Has Cheezburger?


Article with 7 TikTok videos featuring cats that love their human dads | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of three men with cats

A Cute Collection Of Cats That Prefer To Cuddle With Dad

Cat dads >
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Video story about a deaf dog that got adopted by two dads | Thumbnail includes one of the dads hugging the deaf dog 'and the rest is pretty much history.'

Forgotten About Deaf Dog Gets Rescued By Two Loving Dads (Video)

We love a flourishing underdog
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posts about dads falling in love with the pets they originally did not want | thumbnail includes two pictures of a man with a cat on top of him 'Step Dad went from “cats are a nuisance, we can get one but I want nothing to do with it” to signing birthday and Christmas cards “Love from Anastasia & Ruby” u/lizzah2211'

16 Dads Who Did Not Want Pets And Who Fell In Love With Them Anyway

Happens every time.
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collection of wholesome dog memes sent to us by one of our dads | thumbnail includes two memes including a man photographing a dog 'Photograph - Dad: "Keep that dog away from me." *2 weeks later* Dad: @CLASSICDADMOVES' and a man playing with a dog on a swing 'Vehicle - Dad: “Keep that dog away from me." Also Dad: bdwalkyogu'

Wholesome Dog Memes My Dad Who Fell In Love With Our New Puppy Sent Me This Week

He fell in love and fell in love hard.
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stories about dads and husbands who didn't want dogs at first, but love their dogs now | thumbnail includes a photo of a man with his dog and the text 'Meet the man who not ever never getting dog, no matter And if did get dog he wasn't going be one feed or walk or cuddle And 'd never be allowed on sofa. He's under there, honest.'

Men Falling In Love With Pets They Claimed They Didn't Want

A total 180.
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29 pictures of cats with men | thumbnail left three cats laying on seated man, thumbnail right cat giving man kiss on cheek outside sunset visible

Heartwarming Series Of Cat Dads And Their Fur Babies: This One's For The Boys

Hello friends! Yeah, you heard right. This one's for the boys! More often than not, cat's tend to be perceived as more of a “women's” pet. Though this is totally a stereotype and we do not support stereotypes, we have run into many a case where mom insisted on a pet cat, dad hesitated, they got the cat, and voila! Dad falls in love. We want to celebrate all of the supportive partners and co cat parents out there. We cat ladies know that maybe this was not your first choice, but your support and…
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posts about dads falling in love with the pets they didn't want thumbnail includes a picture of a dad on a bike with a dog in a basket in front of him 'I dont want anything to do with your dog” proceeded to buy a bike with a basket u/benobatman'

Dads Falling In Love With Pets They Didn't Want

Wholesomeness galoooooore
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The Greatest Dads In The Animal Kingdom | adult flamingo sitting on the ground with a grey baby flamingo bird cradled in its long neck | large adult penguin bending down to touch its beak to a small chick

For Father's Day, Meet The Greatest Dads In The Animal Kingdom

Dads In The Animal Kingdom
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father's day dads pets wholesome aww animals cats dogs uplifting adorable cute | Posted by u/OllyPolly 19 hours ago Hubs never cat person. Now he tells they individually like be pet, and they all behave and don't fight sitting by daddy don't know who trained who.

Satisfying Compilation Of Dads And Pets They Didn't Originally Want

Happy Father's Day!
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men dads cats dogs aww cute wholesome adorable animals | Dad went from You're taking him with you when you leave. to Are you really gonna take him with you?? man cradling a cat in his arms

Men And The Pets They Claimed To Not Want

What a beautiful sight
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lion dads cubs parenting aww cute funny lol animals | pic of a lion cub jumping on top of a grown lion's head and the lion scrunching its face | adorable photo of a cub climbing and sitting on a lion's head

Lion Dads Who Are Done

Parenting isn't easy for lions either
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calendar rescue dogs dads

Dad Bods And Rescue Dogs: The Perfect 2020 Calendar

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seals tweets funny dad

Dad Accidentally Lists Seals And Pups On Facebook Messenger

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Bear and dad

dads bear Memes lol funny - 9349948672
Via dinhvaJumper
the gay penguin dads with their own foster egg

Skipper and Ping, The Gay Penguins Have Adopted An Abandoned Egg In Berlin Zoo!

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dads amazing Video animals - 472582

The Most Impressive Dad's In The Animal Kingdom (Video)

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