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Dramatic Rescue of a Trapped Weiner Dog

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dachshund kissing Cats Video - 79537153

Dachshund Won't Stop Kissing Cat

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dachshund Video - 79296001

Dog Pretends to Be Asleep so She Can Steal Her Friend's Toy

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dachshund Video tug of war - 79293185

Tiny Dachshund is a Tug of War Champ

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Baby Wieners

baby dachshunds
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♫ Dachshund through the snow ♫

animals sled snow dachshund caption - 8586865408
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spanish dachshund trick Video - 76010497

Owner Tricks Dog into Taking Medicine by Using the Word "No" to Entice Her

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dachshund cute Video - 75278849

This Dachshund is Not Too Happy With His Robotic Look-a-Like

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dachshund cute Video - 75057409

Every Single Pup in This Handicapped Dachshund Race Will Win Your Heart

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Sad dachshund ball whine Video - 70471425

Leia the Mini Dachshund Drops Her Ball

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Dire Dachshund Refuses to Be Killed Off This Season

animals costume Game of Thrones dachshund armor - 8475133952
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skateboarding dachshund tricks Video win - 69854977

Anyone for a Quick Dachshund Skate Session?

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Uncomforatble Social Situations: The Dog Edition

dachshund gross bad breath Party - 8475453696
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There There Little Wiener, Go to Sleep

animals hotdog dachshund Cats warm - 8473668352
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Protect Your Weiner

protect-your-weiner funny dog pictures
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fetch skills dachshund hockey Video - 69581825

Canadian Dachshunds are Known For Their Hockey Skills

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