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posts about people falling in love with the pets they didn't want | thumbnail includes a picture of a man cuddling a dog and the caption 'BREAKING: Man who didn't want a dog requests to be used as dog pillow'

13 Photos Of People Who 'Didn't Want A Pet' Eating Their Words

They did a 180.
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collection of spooky cat photos and tweets | thumbnail includes two photos of cats being spooky and the text 'send me pictures of your cats being spooky'

Smol And Spooky Cats Embracing The Halloween Spirit

Trick or cat treat!
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a Tumblr thread about how a stray cat learned to meow after being rescued | thumbnail includes text saying 'This post led reminisce on nature cat's meowing, and have funny story/I befriended a feral cat once who had spent her life in the forest without human interaction. I was worried about her because she had a paw damaged from an old injury and was emaciated but obviously nursing kittens that were hidden away somewhere

Tumblr Thread: Awwdorable Rescue Cat Learns To Meow

I Can Has A Meow?
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an explanation of what sploofing is and a ton of photos of pets sploofing | thumbnail includes a cat sploofing and text 'What the hell?'

All About Splooting: The Funny Pose Pets Do To Cool Off

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wholesome animal memes  | thumbnail includes two memes saying 'bored because playing by yourself but then see best friend come online' and 'So my dog has a closet for all of his neck ties and bow ties'

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (October 18, 2021)

Pure Pawsitivity.
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Halfway To Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two cats holding hands and the text 'Just want y'all to know my cats fell asleep on the couch holding hands"

Halfway To Caturday; Fun Memes About Cute And Cuddly Cats

It's that time of the week!
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a twitter thread about an adorable black cat with a matching Halloween blanket | thumbnail includes a photo of the black cat with her blanket, and the text, 'she's excited because she matches her new blankie'

Spooktober: Smol Black Cat Loves Her Matching Blankie

Halloween cat with Halloween blankie.
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an article about the cat village of Houtong in Taiwan | thumbnail includes a cat sitting on a shelf in a Taiwanese store, and a cat perched on a stone wall outside.

Exquisite Images From A Real Life Cat Village In Taiwan

This incredible cat village is truly a joy to see.
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a compilation of funny cat memes on the internet | thumbnail includes two cats with the text 'He is Hovercat...' 'Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer'

Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

Bi-weekly cat memes.
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compilation and roundup of funny animal memes and tweets for October | thumbnail includes a photo of two dogs and the caption 'September 20th vs October 1st'

Fresh And Fun Animal Medley For October

Fall is officially here
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list about tiny smol cats who belong to the itty bitty kitty comittee | thumbnail includes two photos of tiny smol kittens sniffing and grabbing a large hand

12 Cats That Deserve A Spot On The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Nothing is cuter than meeting the newest smol members of the itty bitty kitty committee . For those unfamiliar, the itty bitty kitty committee is an exclusive group that only the tiniest, most squee kitties have the privilege of joining. The sheer adorableness of these kitties is unmatched , especially given the concentrated ratio of cuteness per pound that they possess. We love these awwdorable kittens so much that we have to share their tiny, tiny, adorable selves with the world through these…
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collection of photos of cats in in Istanbul turkey | thumbnail includes two photos of cats in Istanbul turkey. One is sitting in the Hagia Sofia, one is sitting near some architectural ruins.

12 Photos From The City Of Cats: Istanbul

Here at ICanHasCheezburger, we want to be wherever the cats are . We've written before about the cat beach in Sardinia, Italy , where a couple run a sanctuary for cats, ensuring that they're spayed or neutered and vaccinated. We've also written about a man who built a kitty theme park for his 22 rescue cats , turning his home into a cat-friendly paradise full of climbing structures, hideaways, and kitty cubbies. However, in all of this reporting, we've neglected to talk about an interesting hot…
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video of three feral kittens getting rescued | thumbnail includes one picture of three kittens hiding under a couch part

Rescuing Three Terrified And Sick Feral Kittens (Video)

A heartwarming rescue <3
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video of a woman bottle feeding seven kittens at the same time | thumbnail includes a picture of a group of kittens trying to climb on a woman

The Absolute Chaos Of Bottle Feeding 7 Active Kittens (Video)

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imgur thread about a stray cat bringing her kittens to her human | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and kittens '"I looked over the fence and saw the cat I’ve been feeding had led her kittens to me. So I brought them inside..." - brunion'

Thread: Trusting Stray Cat Mom Brings Kittens To Her Chosen Human

Sometimes, you have to take a chance <3
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12 image of great dane and kitten introduction | thumbnail left dog peering into kittens cage, thumbnail right kitten sitting on dog

Great Dane Introduced To Group Of Itty Bitty Kitties

Awwdorable Introduction
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