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The Funniest And Most Wholesome Things Kids Say About Our Furry Friends

Kids have no filter. 

We all know that and most of the time, are grateful for it. 

Kids R The Best Screenwriters is a new and hilarious Facebook page filled with adorable and honest quotes from real kids around the world. 

The brilliant page was originally created by a couple from Israel, Assaf and Sarit Katz, who started documenting their three daughter's insights and share it on Facebook. 

It wasn't long until Kids R The Best Screenwriters became a huge success in Israel, with a solid community of parents sending their own kids pearls of wisdom and a best-selling book based on those quotes. 

We have gathered some of the funniest things kids said about cats, dogs, ants, and other animals.   

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Funny kids quotes about animals | Nate (5) slightly bangs his leg and starts crying. Aunt can help want ice? Nate: No. Aunt: Do want bandaid Cast? An ambulance? Nate: No. Aunt: So do want? Nate tears Dog Kids R best screenwriters KIDS! REAL QUOTES | Milk Mom and Matan (5.5) see 3 fire trucks one after other. Mom: There must be big fire. Matan: Or maybe 3 cats got stuck on tree. REAL =Kids R best screenwriters KIDS! QUOTES
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