cute fat cats


Chonky Cat Appreciation Because Big Cats Need Big Love

We must all be good cat owners and take care of our fluffballs, let's start with that. We have to keep them healthy, take care that they have enough water and food, that they get they pets and cuddles, and that they stay active. Keeping cats active can be difficult though, we all know how much they love their beauty sleep. 

Some cats, despite our best efforts, are chonkier than others. These gorgeous big beauties deserve all the love in the world too. So, take care of them, rub their big fluffy bellies, buy them a laser pointer and get them going crazy over it, and make sure that they they know that the bigger they are the more places you have to pet them. 

pictures of chonky big fat cats thumbnail includes two pictures including a white chonky cat sitting on its butt and another chonky cat lying on the ground on its back
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