Curled Feetsie Kitty Cats

Cat lovers, do we have a treat for you today! It is no secret that we are obsessed with all things cat related. We go crazy for toe beans, floof, teefies, and little wet boopable noses. Today we have a different phenomenon for you to appreciate and enjoy. We would like to introduce you to the wholesome feline goodness that is…curled feetsies!

Cat's are truly too cute for us to handle. And when they hit us with those awwdorable curled feetsies, we cat owners are simply weak. Yes, feline beauty, keep curling those feetsies for me, I provide treats and pet you endlessly. We are especially weak when they hit us with a combo pack, for example curled feetsies plus teefies at the same time! How can we cat owners be expected to function like responsible adults when our cats have us wrapped around their curled feetsies??

20 images of cats with curled feet | thumbnail left is black and white cat with curled feet, thumbnail right is mostly grey cat with curled feet and teeth showing
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