Baker Creates Cakes That Look Just Like Adorable Stuffed Animals

Singapore-based baker Susanne Ng is going beyond and is putting a cuddly spin on conventional cake decorating! By using chiffon cake, Ng makes absolutely adorable cakes that look like squeezable stuffed animals... That make it very hard to eat!

So who is Susuanne Ng? She is a self-taught baker who first started baking only four years ago! As a stay-at-home-mom, Ng found baking inspiration in an unlikely place: the floor of her children's room. Many of her cakes and creations are actually modeled after the dolls and toys her kids collect. she told Mashable.  "I like variety, I like to try new designs, new challenges . . . people even ask me to make superheroes."

She is now the author of three cookbooks and runs her own business creating customized chiffon cakes! 

h/t: Mymodernmet

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