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Otter And Kitten Are The Best Cuddle Buddies (Video)

The cuteness never ends
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Mid-Day Mood Always

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posed during cuddles

pose cuddle Cats - 8966571008
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Cuddle Puddle

cuddle Cats - 8966301184
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This is how they cuddle

cuddle Cats - 8821360896
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These two <3 (Notice the back leg)

cuddle Cats - 8821912832
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This is during the day, Ultimate Cat Fighting starts at midnight.

cuddle Cats - 8821740288
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Rare cuddles from a normally not-cuddly cat!

cuddle Cats - 8821966848
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Cuddle buddies cats

Cute cats cuddling with each other as cuddle buddies
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my hooman haz returnids from outside, prrrrrr prrrrr.... fanku Ceiling Cat!

cuddle Cats - 8819186944
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Third Wheel Kitteh

bed cuddle Cats - 8819182336
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I'll Make You Feel ALL Better!

animals having cuddle Happy Kitten bad day caption - 8801614336
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Look at This Sloth Cuddle Puddle!

cuddle sloths - 8751912704
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Sweetie Pie

gif cuddle kitten - 8585305088
By Philippa2

Love Is Incredibly Patient

gif cat cuddle play - 8585303296
By Philippa2

We Need At Least 12 Hours Of Sleep

animals cuddle Cats sleeping - 8503218688
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