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video of bear cub climbing trees | thumbnail bear cub in tree, thumbnail right bear with watermelon

Shy Orphaned Bear Teaches Himself How To Climb Huge Trees (Video)

Jamison the bear seemed to always have been infatuated with trees! He would climb and scale massive trees in an effort to initiate play time with new friends. Being the smallest bear in size amongst his bear friends, he had to accommodate for his size with his huge personality ! Jamison's mom had passed away and he was found weighing only 7 pounds at 6 months old! Severely underweight. The goal of his care was to help him decompress and process the anxiety produced by his difficult beginnings. …
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video of a bear mom and her cubs visiting their human friends | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear and two bear cubs

Wild Bear Brings Her Cubs To Visit Her Lifelong Human Friends (Video)

The most heartwarming video.
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video of a rescue of five cheetah cubs whose mom died | thumbnail includes two pictures including one of five cheetah cubs and another of a closeup of a cheetah cub

Rescue Of 5 Tiny Cheetah Cubs Who Tragically Lost Their Momma (Video)

Tiny but fierce.
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video of a white fox cub who stole some raspberries | thumbnail includes two pictures of a white fox cub with a mouthful of raspberries

Itty Bitty Sneaky Fox Cub Steals Some Raspberries (Video)

The cutest thief ever <3
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video of two rescued fox cubs excitedly making friends | thumbnail includes a picture of two fox cubs separated by a fence meeting for the first time

Two Orphaned Fox Cubs Super Excited To Meet Each Other (Video)

Never made friends faster <3
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video of two foxes playing with a rescued fox cub | thumbnail includes two pictures of foxes with a fox cub

Foxes Playing With Extra Fluffy Newly Rescued Fox Cub (Video)

The best adoptive parents <3
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story about a fox cub whose brother got run over getting adopted and becoming friends with a dog and a puppy thumbnail includes a picture of a smiling for and a picture of a woman holding a pug and a fox smiling in the background

Smiling Fox Cub Gets Adopted And Befriends Two Dogs After Its Brother Was Run Over

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video of a rescued bear cub befriending another rescued baby bear cub thumbnail includes a picture of a baby black bear

Rescued Baby Bear Slowly Falling In Love With His BFF (Video)

Slowly but surely, they become best friends.
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video of a fox cub getting lost in a river then getting rescued and reunited with its family thumbnail includes a picture of a freezing fox cub

Rescuing A Tiny Squeaky Fox Cub From River (Video)

With the happiest reunion ending!
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adorable fox cub is excited when seeing his mom - thumbnail of happy fox cub jumping when seeing his mom

Fox Cub Is Super-Duper Excited To See His Mom (Video)

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baby tiger cub glow up into beautiful tiger - thumbnail of cute baby tiger cub

Tiger's Glow-Up From Awdorable Cub To Majestic Beauty (Video)

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panda cub plays with rocking horse - thumbnail of curious panda cub on rocking horse

Nanny Teaches Panda Cub How To Play On Rocking Horse (VideO)

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story about polar bear cubs leaving their den for the first time to play in snow thumbnail includes a picture of a polar bear and two polar bear cubs

Polar Bear Cubs Leave Their Den For First Time To Play In Snow

The most adoooooorable pictures.
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pictures of polar bears for international polar bear day thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a polar bear cub hiding under its mom and another of a mom lying with three polar bear cubs

Celebrating The Beary Important International Polar Bear Day

Time to paws and celebrate these big teddy bears.
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story about two captive-born cheetah brothers getting released into the wild thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah with a collar licking the forehead of another cheetah

First Ever Captive-Born Cheetah Brothers Successfully Released Into The Wild

An incredible world first.
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sleepy king

so sleepy so tired its hard to be king running and roaring stopped by no ting was hunting a butterfly it was so quick i missed flopping and flying when i hoped it would twist now i daydream about it my new flying friend i dream that i catch it and our friendship never end | cute lion cub sleeping
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