I Can Has Cheezburger?


A TikTok video and 11 comments about a puppy that started crying and a cat that came to comfort him instead of his dog mother | Thumbnail includes a picture of a retriever puppy, an older retriever, and a cat and a picture of a cat hugging a retriever puppy 'Fig comforting Olive's baby. The urgency that cat had to snuggle omg'

Serotonin Boost: Cat Comforts A Crying Puppy In Need, Mom Dog Goes Along With It

He really said i got u
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A Youtube Video where an asian boy pretends to cry to see how his cats will react | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a boy pretending to cry and a cat sitting and staring at him

Little Kid Pretends To Cry To Get His Cats Attention (Video)

We're all guilty of this
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16b screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their therapy cats listening to their problems and holding their hands | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange kitten holding a human finger and a picture of a tuxedo cat with its paw on a human's lap

Cat People Show Off Their Therapeutic Cats That Listen To Their Problems And Provide A Shoulder To Cry On

Is there anything cats can't do?
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18 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone posted about a stray cat coming to comfort them while they were crying in public | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat on a human's lap 'Crying on a public bench and this angel comes to rescue'

Stray Cat Came To Comfort Someone That Was Crying In Public Proving That Cats Don't Lack Empathy

Cats are the kings and queens of empathy
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4 TikToks of a cat named Floof and her adoption story | Thumbnail includes two cats laying inside and a kitten outside, a kitten and a cat playing, and a kitten laying in bed with a human 'And loves cuddles now! Welcome to the family Floof! We saw a little kitten crying He was pretty scared at first outside by our door But wanted to meet his new siblings'

Wholesome Story Of How A Kitten Named Floof Got Adopted Into A Cat Family Of 4

She took things into her own paws
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story about a man who was reunited with his dog after 200 days apart thumbnail includes two pictures of the man and his dog including one of the dog nosing at the man's face and another of the man wiping his tears

Man Drives 1200 Miles To Reunite With Lost Dog

Heartbreaking story that ends with happy tears
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people cute crying - 7575045

People Are Saying Goodbye To Boo, World Cutest Dog, Who Died Of a Broken Heart

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owner funeral heartbreaking Video horse crying - 7468549

Heartbreaking Video of Grieving Horse Crying At His Owner’s Funeral Goes Viral

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kick koala tree Video crying - 89864705

Adorable Koala Gets Kicked Out Of a Tree and Starts Crying

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kids animals crying reasons - 4523269

13 Hilarious Times Kids Cried Over Completely Logical Reasons Involving Animals

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video of a cat comforting a crying girl

This Cat Is Trying To Comfort A Crying Girl And It’s So Sweet!

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llama kids attack funny Video crying - 85800449

This Kid Loses His Mind When a Llama Sticks Its Head Through the Car Window

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bulldog crying pets Video - 83694593

Spoiled English Bulldog Cries Whenever His Human Stops Petting Him

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screaming koala tree loud crying - 77389057

Koala Cries About Getting Kicked Out Of Tree

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puppy cute Video crying - 72994817

An Empathetic Puppy Tries to Emulate the Best Cry Ever

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Be Kind To Those Around You

thank you kids crying - 8439384064
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