I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a crow acting like a human in funny ways | thumbnail includes a picture of a man and a crow

Crow Is Convinced He's Tiny Hooman (Video)

How Awwdorable
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twitter thread about crows surrounding Walmart | thumbnail includes a picture of hundreds of crows next to a Walmart and two tweets 'Sky - xolaris ... @sashasdagger WHAT THE FUCK R ALL THESE MFS DOING AT WALMART??? Walmart*' and 'Font - Arty the Goth BunBoi @SuperiorArtemis Replying to @sashasdagger Judging by the amount of them, I can safely say someone must've dropped a fry on the floor 12:04 AM - Jan 7, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 9 Retweets 1,114 Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hundreds Of Crows Surround Walmart, The Internet Reacts As Expected

Someone must have dropped a french fry on the floor.
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a funny news story about a foul mouthed crow befriending an elementary school | thumbnail includes a photo of the crow and text 'Friendly, foul mothed crow befriends entire oregon elementary school' along with text 'oh my god??? This is the only Christmas miracle I care about???'

Talking Crow Gets Escorted Out Of Elementary School After Swearing Too Much

Bird of the year!
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collection of crow memes | thumbnail includes a picture of a crow 'Beak - I've become a bread crumb dealer to 4 crows in my local lake. And they pay me with a bit of everything. Shiny stuff, fabric, pens etc. But recently they paid me with 20$ they've found somewhere. So i decided to buy them some more expensive bread. They loved it. So they understand what to do. Give me dollar notes. And i've problamy racked up 200$ at this point. Is it morally wrong though, i mean. They're the ones'

Crows Before Bros: Murderful Corvid Memes

Birb memes for all.
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video of a crow trying to fly with a handmade set of peacock wings | thumbnail includes a picture of a man in front of a desk and a crow on the desk

Crow Who Can't Fly Attempts To Fly With New Handmade Peacock Wings (Video)

Both human and crow are working hard <3
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twitter thread about crows scaring a person by saying 'hello' | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cherie Priest @cmpriest ... Went to clean/fill the bird baths and heard someone say, "Hello? HELLO?" I thought I was losing my mind - but it turns out that the crows who frequent the patio baths have spent enough time around humans that they have picked up both basic greetings and passive aggression. 6:54 PM Jun 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,170 Retweets 103 Quote Tweets 11.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Crows Learn To Say 'Hello' And Spook Twitter User

Did you know crows can talk? She didn't.
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tumblr thread about crow facts | thumbnail includes a picture of a crow holding a pencil in its mouth 'Font - Keep the paddysnuffles Follow wel Cool facts about crows: 1. Crows understand the concept of gifts. There's a little girl who started feeding the murder by her house and they started bringing her trinkets (cool pebbles, coins, shiny things, bleached animal bones, etc) as a thank you.'

Tumblr Thread: Informative Facts About How Cool Crows Are

They are smarter than humans.
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video of an affectionate talkative crow | thumbnail includes a picture of a crow sitting on a guy's shoulder

Affectionate Raven Responding With Unexpectedly Low And Human Voice (Video)

We've never seen a raven this adorable omg
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viral tweets and tiktok videos of parrots and other birds talking | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Font - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ I don't think people are concerned enough about why parrots can talk?? 12:59 PM · May 1, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 51.6K Retweets 4,532 Quote Tweets 366K Likes' and 'Person - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ Replying BabyRayy_ Like whole parrot has testified court and were just like yeah they do sometimes 2:04 PM May 1, 2021 Twitter iPhone 1,253 Retweets 171 Quote Tweets 23K Likes''

Viral Tweets: Videos Of Parrots Talking In Different Accents

Amazing, mildly terrifying, and hilarious.
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christmas cat youtube holiday simons-cat special Video crow - 1023238

Holiday Special: Simon's Cat Meets Christmas Crow

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a new holiday special video of Simon's Cat?!
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crow gorilla tweet

Strange Picture Of Crow Goes Viral, Users Claim It's A Crow/Gorilla Hybrid And Have Some Fun

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Excuse Me...

cat meme funny crow - 9319834624
Via Runidle
garbage plastic enviroment crow - 5735941

This Crow Is More Environmentally Conscious Than Most People We Know

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Notorious Crow Tries to Steal Evidence From a Crime Scene

cops Canada knife thief crow - 8800358656
Via @Howellings
raven birds vine Video crow - 80113409

Have You Ever Seen Someone Pet a Raven Like This!?

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An Intellectual Capacity Beyond Our Own

animals raven birds stupid crow - 8588471808
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