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video about discovery of mummified crocodiles | thumbnail image of mummified crocodile with people inspecting it

Mummified Crocodile Found In Classroom Floorboards (Video)

Field trip... to the floorboards?
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video about an alligator sanctuary | thumbnail is a photo of the alligators from overhead

The Alligator Sanctuary Which Rescues Unwanted Pets (Video)

A safe place for a dangerous species.
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pictures of crocodile skinks that looks like tiny baby dragons thumbnail includes two pictures including tiny crocodile skinks on somebody's hand and another of tiny baby skinks held in both of someone's hands

Crocodile Skinks Look Like Tiny Baby Dragons

big rawwwr from tiny dragons
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video of a man building a huge pond for tiny newborn crocodiles thumbnail includes a picture of the huge pond with its two huge crocodile statues and a man holding a basket full of baby crocodiles that he's about to put in the pond

Man Builds Huge Pond For Newborn Crocodiles

Huge crocodiles surrounding baby crocodiles
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baby animals crocodiles cute animals animal video animals - 9359621

Baby Crocodiles Make Cute Noises That Sound Like Laser Guns

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Dangerously Cute

Babies crocodiles cute squee - 8299806720
Via awwcutelittleanimals

Fight for the Preservation of Sarcastic Crocodiles

stick crocodiles sarcasm - 7905745152
Created by sickcat70 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Sea World, Here I Come!

dolphins crocodiles - 7834823936
See all captions Created by JaWa00427

Baby Croc Gets Pet

Babies gifs crocodiles critters funny - 7558132992
Created by Unknown

Back Rubs

crocodiles happy squee smile delightful insurance - 6701799424
Created by Unknown

Creepicute: Crocs

baby creepicute crocodiles egg reptile - 6581092352
Via John Brueggen

Animal Capshunz: Your Boss

crocodile crocodiles evil grin scary teeth work - 6121111040
See all captions Created by DJAussie

Animal Capshunz: That's the Whole Story, Officer

crocodile crocodiles dead fight Interspecies Love squeaky toy took water - 6034036736
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Acting Like Animals: I'm King of the World!

acting like animals baby crocodile crocodiles famous Hall of Fame head mother quote riding titanic - 5537343744
Created by Unknown