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31 pictures of Facebook comments | Thumbanail includes 7 pictures including 'Smile - Did you know that bees can see a color that humans can't called & "Bee Purple"? If cats could see a color that only cats could see... what would it be called?', 'Font - Patricia Heidman Purr-fect Purr-ple', 'Smile - Ken Bennett Purrrple |', 'Human body - Top fan Rhoda Currie PURRple! Lol', 'Font - Melissa Rutz Mumaw Tuna fish teal', 'Font - Nicole Reeve-Parker Whisker White', and 'Font - Melanie GW Judging you'

I Can Has Cheezburger Fans Answer: If Cats Could See A Color Only Cats Could See, What Would It Be Called? (31 Crazily Creative Answers)

Vomit Violet, only visible to humans the moment they step on it
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18 photos of rats and their paintings | Thumbnail includes two rats with two paintings 'This weeks paw paintings from my sweet ratties'

18 Photos Of Rad Rat Art Painted By Little Ratatouilles

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