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14 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Also, as a dual citizen (USA/europe): I don't think a lot of foreigners have any idea how large some American houses are, and American houses were obsessed with "open spaces" for DECADES where houses just didn't have walls built in main living areas, or the walls were actively taken out. It can be large and intimidating for dogs and they have nowhere to go and want a "cave" -- crate's are great for that."

European Confused By Americans Crate Training Their Dogs, American Redittors Shed Some Light

Redditors exchange doggo culture info
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13 cat and text based images | thumbnail image of cat with title "tips for create training your cat"

Nifty Tips And Tricks For Crate Training Your Cat

Hello to all of our cat loving friends, cat ownership is no joke! Our cats are our children and we want only the very best for them. Imgur User and feline behaviorist "adrianaontherocks" is using Imgur as a platform to educate and answer questions about all things feline behavior. "Hi Imgur, I'm your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist. If you're having a cat behavior issue, or are just curious about something cat-related, feel free to ask me about it and I'll see if I can help you out." T…
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A modern dog house

This Dog Haus Is The Stylish Alternative To Plastic Dog Crates

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No Adults Allowed

baby secret crate - 9000293376
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Nobody Can Resist Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Cats busted crate time out - 8068748544
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Rage in a Cage

cute cage crate puppies squee - 8154065920
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I was Here the Whole Time!

crate innocent destroy mess guilty - 8086867456

I Want to Let You Out but I Love the Squish!

Cats crate escape kitten squish - 7960622592

He Tricked Me Again!

tricked crate smart funny - 7870846464
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crate puppies cute basset hounds the pet collective Operation Aww - 55456513

Come on, Puppy...You can do it!

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Up Earoscope

ear crate captions Cats - 6590395392
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Today is NOT a Good Day to be a Vet

cat crate vet what breed - 6461403648
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cage crate do not want rebel - 5955831040
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Acting Like Animals: ... What?

acting like animals cat container crate question - 5681419264
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acting like animals box costume crate crazy fashion imitating imitation lady gaga panda panda bear posing - 5146470400


backwards bottle caption captioned cat container cost crate reminder spell spelling water - 4373104640
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