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Good Samaritan saves kitten and looks for owner on Craigslist

Kind Samaritan Rescues 'Cat' Stuck In Fence And Posts It On Craigslist In Hopes Of Finding Its Owner

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Craigslist cat memes

Top 10 Craigslist Cat Memes

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A Completely Inaccurate, but Awesome, Way to Describe a Ferret

Awesome but inaccurate way of describing a ferret as a cat.
Via Uproxx

Free Gerbils!!

Funny Owl Meme of a owls showing up to get the free gerbils that were posted in Craigslist.
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Bear With Me - Don't Believe Every Ad on Craigslist

Meme of two bears on floating ice chunks with one of them commenting how this split-level with view from Craigslist is just not what he imagined.
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