I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a baby elephant that was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road getting cpr and surviving as well as being returned to its mother thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby elephant lying on the road and receiving cpr and another of the baby elephant back with its mother

CPR Revives Baby Elephant, It Returns To Its Mother Safely

"When the baby elephant starting to move, I almost cried."
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heroes baby fawn revive cpr revived saved drowning life video

Bystanders Revive Baby Fawn Found Drowning In Lake (Video)

Absolute heroes
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Amazing video of a German Shepard dog that is trained to mimic giving CPR to a human.

German Shepard Gives CPR

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The poor thing was gasping for air, I had to help!

cat cpr aquarium caption - 8998463744
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We Tried CPR

christmas tree cpr tree Cats - 8392282368
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A Win-Win Situation

bacon cpr rescue - 8231515648
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It's Okay, He Just Needs a Recharge

computers cpr dead mice mouse - 8003517952
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Everybody Back Up! This Dog Needs Bill to Snout Resuscitation!

duck cpr - 7676975360
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Breathe! Breathe!

puppy cpr funny - 7505980160
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They Were All Out of CPR Dummies

cpr dinosaur easier practice squirrel toy - 6138632960
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I Has A Hotdog: Goggie CPR

best of the week cpr first aid Hall of Fame healthy How To infographic information mixed breed safety - 5882916352
Via American Red Cross


cpr german shepherd puppy - 5839701504
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breath caption captioned cat cpr toys - 4027223552
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biscuits cpr Hall of Fame mixed breed mountain dog noms puppy - 3845543424
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australian shepherd cpr help save stuffed animal - 2771765248
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